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    Question Mary Magdalene

    Does anyone know where I can find some information on Mary Magdalene as a goddess? A friend of mine is pagan though she can't seem to draw away from this connection with Mary Magdalene, which she shouldn't. I was told by my mentor that she was once viewed as a love goddess and was very powerful. I've searched and searched but nothing turns up besides her focus on the christian faith. Any help is greatful. Blessings and love to you all this day and every day

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    Re: Mary Magdalene

    I don't get the impression that she was a christian figure based on a pagan goddess like some other figures that gained sainthood in some sects of christianity. I however do not know too much about it myself, I grew up in a bit of christianiy that diddn't have saints. I do know that early in the religion, saints were used as a way to convert people who were still shaky about abandoning their multiple gods. It gave people something specific to look at when they needed help with something that fell under a saints perview. I think Mary Magdelene is specifically Christian in origin, but there is no reason that a person can't pray to Mary Magdelene, it isn't like it isn't done. But praying to just her may feel a little self contradictory, as she is a saint of Catholicism, and correlates with that God and with Jesus. Maybe studying her christian origins would be a good way for your friend to connect with her. But I don't think you will find much if any non-christian basis for her as a goddess of any type. However as not an expert I could totally be wrong! Good luck in your search!

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