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Thread: Something strange happened this evening....

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    Something strange happened this evening....

    First of all, I apologize if I've put this in the wrong section, I'm new here

    Ok, so here's the deal. Today, I've been feeling very restless and anxious for some reason, so in an attempt to get rid of all negative energy I decided to meditate. I had insence and candles burning, the latter of which were placed in a circle around me. I sat down, and although it took a while, I eventually fell into an ALMOST trance-like state (I haven't practised this enough to be able to fully "disconnect" from everything around me). During this time (I have no idea how long it could've been, but probably a good 20 minutes) I kept seeing random images, which were very blurry, kind of like when you watch TV with poor reception. Initially I just saw horses running, then glimpses of forests and some sort of house. The very last thing I saw was a tall shape (male or female, I have no clue) appearing in a doorway. Then, just like that, I snapped out of it.

    I looked around and saw something on the floor, right next to the candle that was directly in front of me. Picking it up, I realised that it was an animal hair. I'm 100% certain that this was not there when the candles were lit. I don't have any pets where I live, I do however have two rabbits at my mum's house who I think about often and miss terribly.

    The hair is long and quite coarse. It's mainly white, and brown at the tip. I have no clue what sort of animal it could belong to, or how it got there for that matter. I have no explanation for this at all, which is why I now seek advice from you wise folks

    It doesn't end there however. Having picked this hair up, I thought to myself I better save it, because my gut feeling told me I shouldn't throw it away. I walked into the bathroom to fetch one of my jewelry boxes, just randomly picking one (I have several of various sizes). And as I opened it....out fell a whisker from one of my rabbits Bella.

    I'm not sure about this, because although I have no memory of putting this there, I could've done so and simply forgotten. I often find whiskers from her around their room and I always pick them up because I keep thinking to myself that one day, when she's passed away, I'll put them in a pendant or something and wear around my neck, to always have her close. But out of all the jewelry boxes I could've picked to put this hair in, I doubt it's a coincidence that this was the one I went for.

    What do you think happened? I should perhaps mention that this was the first time I meditated "properly", with candles and incense etc. It was also the first time I managed to reach a near trance-like state.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Re: Something strange happened this evening....

    I also have a rabbit. She's a tortoise shell so she has white hair with brown at the ends. Just funny to read that.

    I wish I could help but I'd have nothing more than a rational guess. Are you aware of animal spirit guides? Perhaps it could be that since it has to do with animals!

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    Re: Something strange happened this evening....

    If you're feeling particularly ambitious you can look at it under a microscope and compare the scaling to figure out the species
    世の中に潜み落下した「アレ」はねえか? 誰が書き換える 世界の汚れは?
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    Re: Something strange happened this evening....

    Perhaps check up on your rabbit? Make sure all is well? Sometimes we are given messages so that we can make sure others are safe.

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