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Thread: Magical scents

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    Magical scents

    Do you think scents have magical properties? Surely they affect to ourselves psycologically when we smell them, but do you think you can use the scent as a tool outside of evoking certain emotions? Or do you use those emotions when you're practicing magick?

    I'm really fond of different scents and especially scented tealights, but I had never thought about using them to anything else except creating a nice atmosphere before I got this idea today. I tried to search google something related to the topic, but I found more stores selling essential oils and such rather than websites talking about the actual properties etc. This was the only one I found by quick search.

    Well, anyway, do you guys use scents, essential oils etc. and how do you do it? Do you follow a certain pattern with the scents (like do you have specified meanings for them) or do you just pick up the ones which feel suitable for the situation?

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    Re: Magical scents

    Well.. I'm not sure, but wouldn't scented things be a form of representing the air element? I would think in a way it could have some sort of faint magical properties; the more natural the scent the stronger the properties, the more synthetic the scent the less magical properties (possiblly more unintended magical properties). I would assume at some point it would be like using fake flowers/herbs in place of dried or fresh flowers/herbs, the energies would get muddled because the energy of the synthetic things used in making the fake product is different than the energy of the natural product. Does that make sense?

    Generally I stay away from manufactured/synthetic scents because they give me headaches. But I do really enjoy the scents that I get from drying herbs or burning them. Usually when drying herbs I don't pay much attention to the magical properties I guess it's just an extra bonus, lol, but ofcourse when burning them as incense I do.

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