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Thread: The Evolution Thread

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    Re: The Evolution Thread

    So what are the alternative beliefs about origin for pagans who don't acknowledge evolution?

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    Re: The Evolution Thread

    I have seen and heard from some the idea that "Humans" were changed by extraterrestrials(the whole Sumerian Annunaki thing) Though not what I would call Pagan,more new age kind of beliefs. The whole "Nibiru,planet X thing". We(humans were altered genetically by said aliens) It makes the rounds in the whole new age belief system.

    The idea is we were "Dumb" apes that had our genes altered.

    BTW,not my personal belief.

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    Little information here.

    Little grain of salt here,as the ideas are also included in some conspiracy theories,and groups.
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    Re: The Evolution Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Azvanna View Post
    So what are the alternative beliefs about origin for pagans who don't acknowledge evolution?
    Usually some variation of creationism but by multiple pantheons and deities or by their own. Or that its just human evolution that worked that way.
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