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Thread: Smudge Powder

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    Smudge Powder

    This is a recipe I came up with a few months ago, just figured I'd share it. I made it when I was without a smudge stick but still wanted the benefits of one. It's pretty much the same, but works like a noncombustible incense and must be burned on charcoal as usual. It can be used to simultaneously purify the nasties and draw in the good.

    2 parts Copal (I used white)
    1 part Dragon's blood
    2 parts Cedarwood
    2 parts Lavender
    4 parts Sage (I used typical kitchen sage, any other type could be used)
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    Re: Smudge Powder

    Nice! thanks, Clive....
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    Re: Smudge Powder

    sounds lovely!

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