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Thread: Divination Types

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    Divination Types

    (originally posted by magusjinx, rescued from the pre-crash cache)

    Acultomancy is divination using needles.
    Aeromancy is divination by atmospheric phenomena.
    Ailuromancy is divination by watching cats’ movements.
    Alectryomancy - divination using a cock/chicken.
    Aleuromancy is divination using flour. Messages would be written on paper, and rolled into a ball of flour.
    Alomancy is divination using Salt. (By analyzing the patterns in which the grains fall, or travel through the air when thrown.)
    Alphitomancy is divination using a loaf of barley.
    Alveromancy is divination using sounds.
    Ambulomancy is divination by taking a walk.
    Amniomancy is divination by using the caul.
    Anthomancy is divination using flowers.
    Anthracomancy is divination using burning coals.
    Anthroposcopy is divination by observing facial features.

    Antimopomancy is divination by meal, flour or bran.
    Apantomancy is divination of any object which presents itself by chance.
    Arithmancy is divination by numbers.
    Armomancy is divination by examining one’s shoulders.
    Ashagalomancy is divination using the casting small bones, each associated with particular interpretation.
    Aspidomancy is divination by entering a trance or ecstasy.

    Astragalomancy is divination by dice.
    Astrology is divination by planets and stars.
    Augury is divination from the behaviour of birds.
    Austromancy is divination by the winds.
    Auto-manzia is divination using ten straight pins and three bent pins.
    Axinomancy is divination using an axe. (Agate or jet was placed on a red hot axe.)

    Belomancy is divination by arrows. (Messages were tied to a number of arrows, the arrow flying the farthest, was the advice taken.)
    Bletonism is divination by currents of water.
    Botanomancy is divination by herbs or leaves. (Either by writing messages on the leaves, the answer was chosen from the ones not blown away, or by the crackling sound when thrown on a fire.)
    Brontomancy is divination using thunder.

    Capnomancy is divination by smoke.

    Carromancy is divination by the melting of wax.
    Cartomancy is divination by using cards.
    Catoptromancy is divination by using a mirror.

    Catoxtromancy is divination by vessels of brass or other metals.
    Causimomancy is divination using fire. (It was thought to be a good omen whenever combustible objects did not burn when thrown into a fire.)
    Cephalomancy is divination using the head of a goat or donkey.
    Ceraunoscopy is divination using the phenomena of the air.
    Ceneromancy is divination using ashes.
    Ceromancy is divination by molten wax dropped into water.
    Ceroscopy is divination using wax.
    Chaomancy is divination by examining phenomena of the air.

    Chartomancy is divination by writing in papers.
    Cheiromancy is divination by the hands.
    Chirognomy is divination by studying the hands.
    Clairaudience is divination by hearing things inaudible normally.
    Clairvoyance is divination by "second sight".
    Cledonism (or Cledonomantia) is divination from words spoken whenever individuals meet.
    Cleidomancy is divination using keys.
    Cleromancy is divination using black and white beans.
    Conchomancy is divination using shells.
    Coscinomancy is divination using a sieve, and a pair of tongs or shears.
    Critomancy is divination using viands and cakes.
    Cromnyomancy is divination using onions.
    Crystallomancy is divination by a crystal.

    Dactylomancy is divination using rings.
    Daphnomancy is divination using burning laurel.
    Demonomancy is divination using demons.
    Dowsing is divination by using a forked stick or wires.
    Dririmancy is divination by observing dripping blood.

    Emonomancy is divination using demons.
    Enoptromancy is divination using mirrors.
    Empyromancy is divination by using objects placed in a sacrificial fire.
    Eromancy is divination using air and water.
    Extispicy is divination using the entrails of sacrificed animals.

    Gastromancy is divination by the sounds of, or signs of, the belly.
    Geloscopy is divination by a person's way of laughing.
    Genethlialogy is divination by the stars placement at one's birth.
    Geomancy is divination by examining dots on paper, dirt particles or marks on the earth.
    Graphology is divination using hand writing.
    Gyromancy is divination by walking in a circle until one falls from dizziness, the direction of the fall being significant.

    Halomancy is divination by salt.
    Haruspex is divination using the entrails of sacrificed animals.
    Hematomancy is divination using blood.
    Hepatoscopy is divination using the liver of an animal. (The liver was supposed to be the seat of vitality and of the soul. Ezekiel 21:20)
    Hieromancy is divination by studying objects offered in sacrifice.
    Hippomancy is divination using white horses in consecrated groves.
    Horoscopy is divination by means of a horoscope.
    Hydromancy is divination by water.
    Hypnomancy is divination using sleep.

    Ichnomancy is divination using footprints.
    Ichthyomancy is divination by fish.
    Iconomancy is divination using icons.
    Idolomancy is divination using idols.

    Kephalonomancy is divination using signs on the baked head of an ass.
    Keraunoscopia is divination using thunder.
    Knissomancy is divination using burning incense.

    Lampadomancy is divination by observing the flame of a candle.
    Leconomancy is divination by observing the shape that oil poured on water makes.
    Libanomancy is divination through the behavior of Incense Smoke. (An Old Babylonian method from around, 2000 - 1600 bc.)
    Lithomancy is divination by stones.

    Livanomancy is divination by the burning of frankincense.

    Logarithmancy is divination by logarithms.
    Logomancy is divination using words.
    Lunomancy is divination by the shadows created by moonlight on the individual's face.

    Macharomancy is divination by knives or swords.
    Macromancy is divination using large objects.
    Maculomancy is divination using spots.
    Margaritomancy is divination using a pearl.
    Meconomancy is divination using sleep.
    Meteoromancy is divination by studying meteors.
    Metopomancy is divination using the forehead or face.
    Metoposcopy is divination by the lines of the forehead.
    Micromancy is divination using small objects.
    Moleosophy is divination by moles on the body.
    Molybdomancy is divination using shapes of molten lead or tin in water.
    Myomancy is divination using rats or mice.

    Narcomancy is divination using sleep.
    Necromancy is divination by calling up the dead. (Samuel 28:7-14)
    Necyomancy is divination by summoning Satan.
    Nomancy is divination by examining letters of name.
    Numerology is divination by numbers and names.

    Odontomancy is divination using teeth.
    Oenomancy is divination by the appearance of wine poured in libation.

    Oinomancy is divination by wine.
    Ololygmancy is divination by the howling of dogs.
    Omoplatoscopy is divination by observing cracks in burning scapulae.
    Omphalomancy is divination from the knots in the umbilical cord.
    Oneiromancy is divination by dreams. (Genesis 37:5-11)
    Onimancy (or Onycomancy) is divination using the Angel Urial.
    Onomancy is divination by the letters of a name.
    Onychomancy is divination by the fingernails.
    Oomancy is divination by the outer and inner forms of eggs.
    Ophidiomancy is divination using snakes.
    Ophiomancy is divination by observing the behaviour of snakes.
    Ornithomancy is divination by the flight of birds.
    Oryctomancy is divination using excavated objects.
    Ossomancy is divination using bones.
    Osteomancy is divination using bones.
    Ouranomancy is divination using the heavens.

    Palmistry is divination by reading the lines and aspects of the hand.
    Pedomancy is divination by examining the footprint of the person to be studied.
    Pegomancy is divination by fountains.
    Pessomancy is divination by pebbles.
    Phrenology is divination by the bumps on the head.
    Phyllomancy is divination using leaves or tea leaves.
    Phyllorhodomancy is divination using rose leaves.
    Physiognomy is divination by the face.

    Psychomancy is divination by men's souls, affections, wills, religious or moral dispositions.
    Pyromancy is divination by looking into a fire.

    Pyroscopy is divination using the burn stains left on a light surface after burring a sheet of paper on it.

    Retromancy is divination by looking over one’s shoulder.
    Rhabdomancy is divination by a wand or divining rod. (The throwing of stick or arrows to the ground. Hosea 4:12).
    Rhasodomancy is divination using poetry.

    Roadomancy is divination by stars.

    Scapulimancy is divination using the cracks in the shoulder blade of an animal.
    Scatoscopy is divination by the examination of excrement.
    Schematomancy is divination using the human form.
    Sciomancy is divination by shadows or ghosts.
    Scrying is divination by looking into a crystal ball.
    Selenomancy is divination by studying the moon.
    Sideromancy is divination by observing the movement of straws placed on a red hot iron.
    Sortes is divination by using passages of a book selected at random.
    Sortilege is divination by drawing lots.
    Spatilomancy is divination by means of feces.
    Spheromancy is divination using a crystal ball.
    Spodomancy is divination by looking at ashes.

    Stareomancy is divination by the elements.
    Stercomancy is divination by studying seeds in dung.

    Sterromancy - from the breast to the belly.
    Stichomancy is divination by picking passages from books at random.
    Stolisomancy is divination by the way a person dresses himself.
    Sycomancy is divination using fig tree leaves.

    Tasseography is divination using tea leaves, also known as tasseomancy.
    Tephramancy is divination using the ashes remaining from the fire that has burned victims in sacrifice.
    Teraphim is divination using idols or images. (Genesis 31)
    Theomancy is divination by oracles.

    Theriomancy is divination by the movements of beasts.
    Tiromancy is divination using cheese.
    Topomancy is divination using landforms.
    Trochomancy is divination by studying wheel tracks.

    Tuphramancy is divination by ashes.
    Tyromancy is divination using cheese.

    Uranomancy is divination by studying the heavens.
    Urimancy is divination by observing urine.

    Xenomancy is divination using strangers.
    Xylomancy is divination by dry sticks.

    Zoomancy is divination by observing the behaviour of animals.

    Zygomancy is divination by weights.
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    Re: Divination Types

    O.o wow that's a lot...

    Well, atleast you now have lots of ways to do the same thing XD
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    Re: Divination Types

    I noticed scrying is with a crystal ball ... Hmmmmm
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    Re: Divination Types

    Great list, and thank you for saving it from before the flood.


    Spider divination from Cameroon/W. Africa, my article on the same: Spider Cartomancy

    Bomoh rice divination. Bomohs are traditional (pre-Muslim) Malaysian healers. They divine illness by communication with ancestor spirits while in a trance state. This is supplemented by various kinds of divination, the most common to cast rice grain and read the pattern.

    Chinese Geomancy is a little different than described above and entails looking at landforms and determining flow of chi.

    Tuvan shamans use trance states to divine illness, also through special relationships with spirits but also supplement with different kinds of divination, including in one case I saw documented, a shaman who would cast a shot of vodka against a bare wall and read the pattern it made.

    my former academic advisor (anthro) did a study of native taiwanese (not chinese) healers, who entered a trance state to divine illness by cutting their tongues with swords.

    There are tons more, of course.

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    Re: Divination Types

    Ailuromancy is divination by watching cats’ movements.
    Cool! I must look into it! Thanks for sharing, Thal! It's super interesting! =^_^=
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    Re: Divination Types

    Quote Originally Posted by thalassa View Post
    (originally posted by magusjinx, rescued from the pre-crash cache)
    Tyromancy is divination using cheese.
    This makes me smile.

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    Re: Divination Types

    Quote Originally Posted by Gleb View Post
    Cool! I must look into it! Thanks for sharing, Thal! It's super interesting! =^_^=
    Agreed, lol

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    Re: Divination Types

    Quote Originally Posted by thalassa View Post
    (originally posted by magusjinx, rescued from the pre-crash cache)

    Lithomancy is divination by stones.

    Wow ... there's a name for that ... My first method. got some of my clearest, most accurate readings from them, too. Funny when I told a classmate that a male relative, who I thought was her brother, and lived a long way away, was going to visit soon. Until then I didn't know she had a brother, let alone one in uni, up in Queensland ... three days later she told me he'd shown up for a surprise visit. At that point, everyone believed me when I did a reading for them, instead of being skeptical until it came to be, since no one knew she had a brother. I did say it could be a father or uncle, since I didn't think she had a brother, but it read, to me, as brother. I thought I might have been interpreting it wrong ... then she came up to me three days later.

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    Re: Divination Types

    Maybe update to include that scrying can also be done with a mirror?
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