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    I'm sure this is quite usual with women where they wish a path read but I am going to reach out to the pagan community a little bit. Hopefully if you guys are sensitive too you will understand the nature behind a common question.

    I am a witch with a gift for reading paths, present, past and future and unfortunately for me it gives me a rather good ability to completely avoid all paths that I have. I have changed my fate more times than godknowswhat simply because of stupidity.

    I have currently done it again and the stone outcome I want is still in existence and now I have other possibilities but the paths will not settle because I did something completely unexpected, unplanned and unprecendented and other peoples opinions of what I did have yet to settle, as I confused everyone.

    I cannot read for myself very well and wiccan friends i have may be affected by my own confusion so I would ask a sensitive third party with any talents in divination to read the situation (runes or cards or just intuition) if you could...

    My blessings to anyone who can help me climb out of another mess my ignorance has caused.

    Many thanks


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    Re: Divination

    I struggle with reading tarot for myself.

    That has not always been my experience in reading for other people.

    I think that if you want to get some second opinions on how to interpret the tarot, you've come to a good place! Be ready to be challenged though (perhaps), because there are some real gifted and intelligent people here on PF (and welcome, btw!)

    I am no expert. I am not a medium and I am not sensitive to what it is you speak of, but the same force moves through me when I read as does other people, so if you'd like, we could start a dialogue about what it is that has you so confused.

    Feel free to PM me if you so desire, and at any rate, please keep searching!
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    Re: Divination

    There are currently two threads in the divination and astrology section to request readings

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