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Thread: "Volunteer" plants

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    "Volunteer" plants

    I got so lucky with these this year! I had 2 tomatoes come up. I think they're cherry tomatoes, because a couple fell off the plants last year, but I won't really know for sure until they start producing. I also got a TON of some sort of pepper. they just keep coming and coming. I'm pretty sure they're peppers, but I don't know what kind yet. I grew a few kinds of chilis last year and a couple of them shed some peppers, but I also had chili and bell pepper seeds and stems in my compost, so they could have come from there as well. I guess it will be a surprise! Usually, the climate here doesn't really promote those kinds of volunteers, but we had a late winter and then a hot spring right off.

    Anyone else get any of these?

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    Re: "Volunteer" plants

    I'm lucky if the plants I want to come up come up. I did have a situation where some of the seeds that had failed to sprout at all, sprouted in another planter when I recycled my potting soil. Which was odd considering the conditions required to get catnip to sprout... it came up in my rosemary in a few places...

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