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Thread: Materials for making Spells

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    Materials for making Spells

    Where to get the material or ingredients of making spells?

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    Re: Materials for making Spells

    Spell materials can be found pretty much anywhere. Sure, there are some more exotic materials - mandrake, for example - that are a little harder to find or grow, but with the Internet, just about anything can be obtained. Depending on one's tradition or personal preferences, one may insist on using all-natural materials, whether that means using only fabrics made out of natural cotton, wool, etc., or all the way down to only using supplies that one finds, makes, or grows him/herself. In our modern age, however, there are plenty of "urban witches" who see nothing wrong with using tools made of synthetic materials such as plastic.

    Part of it depends on which spell you're attempting to use. If it was written by another witch and it resonates with you, by all means use whatever materials are instructed. Of course, published spells can be tweaked by the witch using them to suit their own needs, whether that means using easier to find ingredients or making it more or less natural as the witch sees fit. And as many witches will tell you, while published spells can certainly work, the most powerful spells are written by the caster specifically for their needs. This will just about guarantee that all materials will be things the writer of the spell already has or knows s/he can easily obtain.

    Spells can be as complex or as simple as the caster sees fit. A spell can constitute a full ritual with a large altar complete with many tools and ingredients, as is commonly seen in ceremonial magics. Witchcraft and folk magics, on the other hand, are usually more simple. A witch's spell may be as simple as chanting over a stone and then carrying, burying, or throwing away the stone, depending on the intention. It might be a matter of sewing up a pouch of cloth and adding various ingredients such as herbs, stones, coins, sigils drawn on paper, or may only contain one ingredient, and then consecrating and empowering the pouch with the magical intention. Some spells do not require any ingredients at all, but are (not so) simple matters of raising and releasing energy into the cosmos.

    So, in summary, spell materials can be made, found, grown, created, or purchased, depending on what they are. Many basic herbs can be found at grocery stores or grown in a garden; simple stones can be found anywhere outdoors; candles of course can be easily purchased, or wax and wicks obtained from craft stores and made by oneself.
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