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About 10 year ago...if you are an officer or chief, on a larger ship its doable--they have their own stores. But for them to cook one dish for two or three people for the general enlisted crew? Not gonna happen. Sure, I could eat salad every day (on a smaller ship, which gets stores more often because it has to fuel more often), but that's no good either in the long run...and on a bigger ship, where you get stores less often (since it hold more cargo), the fresh veg is gone after about 2 weeks, leaving you with cottage cheese and canned fruit and rice.

I'm not a vegetarian anymore because I'm not fundamentally against eating meat...I never was a vegetarian for that reason anyhow. I was a vegetarian because I had/have issues with most industrial scale agriculture, including raising meat (and eggs). I have issues with land and water use for raising livestock.

But that can be "fixed" with conscious shopping. I get sausage, chicken, and eggs from a small sustainable family farm at the farmer's market, and seafood from the locally fished seafood guy at the farmer's market...heck, I even get cheese from the goat lady and the mozarella guy at the farmer's market. When friends hunt, we get deer sausage. We go crabbing... And we really don't eat much meat...maybe 2-3 meals a week.

IMO, most "vegetarian foods" that you can buy (fake burgers and the like) are just as bad as non-veg processed foods. We just try to eat as non-processed as possible. Though we have a few exceptions--the kids love ramen noodles and canned ravioli and perogies (I love perogies too), and Scott likes hot dogs (blegh). And...yeah, I'm not cooking 4 separate meals for 4 people!
That sounds like me. Im glad you can be ethical and use local produce and still get your meaty goodness. For now I'm happy being vegetarian. I don't really have your options. I don't know if I will ever eat meat again, but if I can get a situation like yours I may.