Does anyone here believe in vampires? That there are people who require energy in the form of blood, chi or another substance to sustain themselves? Are there perhaps any members of this forum that consider themselves to be vampires? I'm not talking about mythological undead Dracula vampires, but those who consider themselves part of the vampire "subculture" and feed off others. I recently began researching the subculture and even temporarily joined a group on Facebook to observe the members and see how they act and interact. I didn't discover much save that they seem to be ordinary people who believe they were born with some sort of energy deficiency that they have to make up for by feeding off other people or even off natural energies. If they don't feed, they become tired, lethargic and weak. They consider this to be a genuine medical condition and some even claim that there have been medical studies proving that they have an affliction that sets them apart from ordinary humans (or Shinai, as they call them).
I am interested to know your thoughts and experiences regarding this rather fascinating segment of society, so feel free to share!