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Thread: Questions, problems, issues, etc...Post 'em here

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    Re: Questions, problems, issues, etc...Post 'em here

    Quote Originally Posted by Skyhon View Post
    Hey, I’m totally new to this forum. I have a question pertaining to one of the rules posted. It says you can't post about anything illegal, which, trust me, I absolutely understand. However, recently, most of my experiences and ventures into the spiritual side has happened with the aid of weed. In MY state, Washington, it is completely legal—I could walk over to my neighborhood pot shop right now and get some (I am of age.) My question is, can I post about this if it’s legal in my state? Or do I have to omit the fact that I smoked when talking about my experiences because it's not legal in a federal sense? I really want to discuss everything that I’ve learned. Thank you
    Alright, so where we currently stand on this is that as long as you are discussing events surrounding the quasi-legal (I will call it legal when the combination of a bored DEA agent and willing US Attorney can't punish you for using it) use of weed by you personally, site staff aren't going to take much issue. If the discussion ventures into

    A. Bypassing regulations outside your home state
    B. The transport of weed across state lines
    C. Other activities that can be taken as a serious discussion on how to ignore various laws

    Then we will likely shut the topic down and not allow a second attempt.
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    Re: Questions, problems, issues, etc...Post 'em here

    Should really remember the Tommy Chong issue,where he was prosecuted for selling "Legal" products BUT when shipping to other areas was charged for selling paraphernalia,that was not legal in that other area. thin gray line there.
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