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Thread: herbs to clear lungs

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    Re: herbs to clear lungs

    You might try fennel tea for ongoing management of mucus production, I've found it helps me (I've always got a runny nose and hayfever); WebMD suggested it may decrease respiratory tract secretions, can't post links though, so you'll have to google it yourself. Good health!

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    Re: herbs to clear lungs

    Kiya, I've inserted the link in question in your post. Thanks for the info.
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    Re: herbs to clear lungs

    Thanks, MaskedOne :-)

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    Re: herbs to clear lungs

    I love, love, love Fennel. I even sprinkle it liberally on pizza.

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    Re: herbs to clear lungs

    Quote Originally Posted by oldhippie View Post
    are there any herbs to help clear lungs of congestion?
    I am not sure about clearing lungs, but I know that Majoran helps with asthma. And from own experience - it does a great job. Try this. Theoretically it should help.
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