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Thread: All things are two

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    All things are two

    I saw this and though it sort of interesting. Figured i'd share it

    All things in the world are two. In our
    minds we are two, good and evil. With
    our eyes we see two things, things that
    are fair and things that are ugly.
    We have the right hand that strikes
    and makes for evil, and we have the
    left hand full of kindness, near the
    heart. One foot may lead us to an evil
    way, the other foot may lead us to a
    good. So are all things two, all two.
    19th CENTURY

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    Re: All things are two

    Personally I think that dichotomy is a purely human construct and I don't inherently subscribe to it. But there are a great many people in the world who find a dichotomous worldview to be very profound and enriching. And that's okay. It's just not the way that I see or experience the world.

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    Re: All things are two

    I'm with Rae'ya on this. Good and evil...there's some things that are universal...but not everything is black and white.

    Like say, a forest fire. Supposedly the worst thing, a lot of creatures and living things die..but afterwards, certain plants that couldn't germinate finally spout (like jack pines) and the soil is more fertile, etc. You can use that as a metaphor for almost anything.

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    Re: All things are two

    It's a neat saying. In a way, I agree but possibly not in the way that it might have been intended. A lot of things do come in two's. From a physical human perspective - Two hands, two feet, legs, arms, eyes, ears, nostrils, brain halves... Where I feel things differ from my standpoint is that good and evil, pretty and ugly, right and wrong, are a lot of the time just a perception thing. In my path, we have the terms Sami and Hucha to describe the two types of energies. Sami is for the useful energies, and Hucha for the useless energies. Sami helps us heal, grow, advance, while Hucha hinders us, makes us ill and just doesn't benefit us. However, what might be Sami to me, could be Hucha to someone else and vice versa. All that said... it still kind of stands true for the above quoted text in the OP. Sami and Hucha go/come together in a way. They are two.

    Just my thoughts.

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