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Thread: Former Witch: The Danger & Deception of Wicca ?

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    Re: Former Witch: The Danger & Deception of Wicca ?

    I know I'm not supposed to find this funny because it's insulting my faith group. But I just watched it, and I can't help but laugh. I laugh a lot whenever I see propaganda against Pagans, it's usually pretty funny.
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    Re: Former Witch: The Danger & Deception of Wicca ?

    The fact that you don't realize paranormal investigation is a real thing shows me you don't really have any experience or knowledge in this subject. So perhaps I need to take you comments with this in mind but nonetheless, I'm just very confused by your opinion.
    I just don't see what there is to investigate - anyone can experience the "paranormal" if they want to and they're willing to put in the effort, I never understood the whole idea of camping out in haunted houses trying to record ghosts and what not, if that's the kind of thing you're referring to.

    Now if we're talking about scientific investigation, parapsychology, that's a whole other thing, but they are primarily focused on statistical evidence for psi phenomenon, and not so much interested in physical evidence (such as it is). If you took a blood sample to a parapsychologist and said 'this came from a spirit' they're going to say 'no thanks' and go back to their 200th ganzfield repetition.

    So you think it is legitimately common enough for decapitated entities to go running about spewing blood that not one person would say are you sure we shouldn't call the police? Because frankly, if anyone I knew saw something that left enough blood to require hours worth of cleaning, I PROMISE there would be police involved.

    Who really sees this everyday? I'm highly skeptical to think this happens all the time yet I've never heard of it in 20 years of interest in the paranormal.
    'Anyone [you] knew' being the key words. You're assuming that something can't have happened because the people involved didn't act the way you think you would have, which is pretty damn short sighted.

    As for how common it is, while it obviously isn't common in general terms, in this specific case, neither of us has any idea how common it is for the individuals in question - if they're capable of conjuring a spirit which can spew blood all over the place, maybe they're used to all sorts of occurrences which would seem crazy or bizarre to most people. Who knows? I know there are things which I've experienced which would seem bizarre or fantastical to most people but have just become every day occurrences because I'm used to them, so who am I to judge the experiences of other people when I know absolutely nothing about them or their specific situation?

    That said, I do think it quite likely that the anecdote in question is, at the least, rather exaggerated - but my point is that you can't simply write it off because the people involved acted differently to the way you would in that situation. They're entirely different people, with different life experiences, different beliefs, biases and assumptions, of course their actions won't necessarily be in line with what you think yours would be.

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    Re: Former Witch: The Danger & Deception of Wicca ?

    I have to admit when I finished reading through this thread all I could think was I just witnessed a scene from Stephen King's movie "IT". The headless ghost running through the place spraying blood all over everything. Matched what the female character had when her sink spit out blood or the one male lead when the ballons in the library burst and sprayed blood everywhere. All the blood only the kids could see and things crashing through walls and such.

    Paranormal Investigators or Parapsychologist are something different. If one could show they had such an experience with blood spewing entities I'd say a lot of groups would be very interested. Even if from the perspective of proving or disproving that something actually happened. Though poltergeist type activity seems to attract the more than average observer that may fall into the gawker category.

    With regard to the original focus of this thread, seem's that one comes and goes. I vaguely recall the political runner a few years ago who was a woman and all her stories about how Wicca or witchcraft harmed her and exploited her. Sorry can't think of her name though I think she was form New Jersey and was running for an elected office. However, none of the recent ones match those of the 80's / 90's and the Satanic scare that went with it.

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    Re: Former Witch: The Danger & Deception of Wicca ?

    I think a lot of people get into wicca because they believe the "woo-ey" parts of it. They don't get into wicca as it was invented, they get into the new agey wicca of the last 15 or so years. That lady, is a 100% representation of a lot of people that just "dabble" in book wicca. She got into it because she believed it was going to give her material things that she didn't have already.

    I want to say that a great many Christians do this same thing. They get into Christianity because they believe their God is going to change their lives for them. My own mother used to tell me that she was so tired of working, she was going to "put it in God's hands" and soon money would happen to her and she wouldn't have to support herself anymore. One could probably make a propaganda video about the dangers of Christianity, with the same types of people.

    That video is no different. She believed she was going to gain power, privilege and material things from wicca. She's just like many, many others that get into it for those reasons. Almost none of them stay in it, and certainly not for the right reasons if they do, allowing for the occasional exception.

    The really sad thing is, she believes she was taken advantage of by getting into wicca. Yet, she hasn't realized that she was just taken advantage of again by those people that used her to further their propaganda.

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    Re: Former Witch: The Danger & Deception of Wicca ?

    I didn't watch the stupid video, so I can't give my input. Oh well, just did. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

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