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Thread: Curious So I Can Find a Small (or Large) Group

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    Question Curious So I Can Find a Small (or Large) Group

    I am becoming more group-curious lately. I have never really discussed my beliefs in depth to or with anyone, but I am looking for a group of people who have similar or identical beliefs as I do.

    I am a practicing witch, I consider myself to be Pagan (following an Earth religion/path). I recognize the elements as sovereign and almost like gods (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit) and I worship Mother Earth as goddess and Father Sky as god. I believe I have reincarnated and will continue to reincarnate until I have learned all my soul is meant to learn. After I have learned what I need to learn I will find peaceful rest in the Universe.

    Anyone have any clue what this is called? I never thought to find a title for my beliefs until recently since finding a group is difficult and most people categorize in such a way. Any help would be fantastic.

    ~My ancestors on my mother's side are Mayan or Incan (we are still trying to dive deeper for figure out which). This may or may not be important. ~



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    Re: Curious So I Can Find a Small (or Large) Group

    Welcome to the forums!

    I cautiously say that this sounds like Wicca to me. Since there are a lot of variations, but you believe in the basic ideas.
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