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I don't know if you practice magic at all, but if you do, here's a spell that worked very effectively for me twice in the past.

You will need:

• 1 white candle
• 1 orange candle
• 1 black candle
• 3 pieces of paper
• A pen

Light the candles. On the first piece of paper write down all the things you need in a new home (the essentials only). When you're done, fold it and seal it with white candle wax.

On the second piece of paper, write down all the things that you'd like in a new home but that aren't absolutely necessary. Fold it and seal it with orange wax.

On the third piece, write down everything that you definitely do not want (like noisy neighbours!). Fold it and seal it with black wax. Keep these papers somewhere safe until you're in your new home.

Good luck!
I'll give it a shot! All I need is a black candle.