Anger, Anxiety.
All my inner problems in two words beginning with A.
Anger, Anxiety.
That sudden fury of a raging tornado that appears with no end. It feels as though my chest will explode into an gory bloody mess on the wall.
I scream.
Not of pain but of fear.
Why does this happen to me and why is it a never ending ailment I must deal with for a lifetime?
Never Normal

Anger, Anxiety
All things medication can fix but with what sacrifice
I feel numb, no emotion, is anybody home?
The world is no longer shades of blue and red but its new shade is grey.
I can fit in in a crowd but I am not me

Anger, Anxiety
Do let it in? Try to control it myself, be able to be myself
Do i take the medications to stop it although it stops it all

I would rather be me. The me that gets angry, the me that wants to scream when something goes wrong. At least then I know how I feel, the real me.