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    some advice

    In the ten years since I discovered Paganism I have never really been drawn to any one particular path. Lately though I have felt myself pulled, just a little, toward the greek goddess Eris. The only things I can find about her are either based on the discordian religion (which reads like a whole lot of fun but doesn't feel quite like what I was looking for) or some pretty hefty warnings about invoking her or drawing her into my life. Is there anyone out there who can direct me to some more in depth information?

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    Re: some advice

    There's a lot of people who aren't on a specific path- I'd say close to, if not half of the worldwide community that identifies as Pagan does not follow a specific tradition. If you're interested in a specific deity and want to find out about them, lore and myths are a good place to look. Forums like this help as well as you may find someone who's been in your spot before. Just keep swimming, sometimes it just takes a little time and thinking before things just click, and there's nothing wrong with that. Good luck

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