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Thread: Non wiccan sources

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    Non wiccan sources


    I am looking for some non wiccan sources relating to practices and witchcraft within the pagan scope. Anyone able to help out?
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    Re: Non wiccan sources

    I might be able to.
    Wicca derives its name from the Saxons and it basically means witch, who had their fair share of female magic and shamanism practicers and masters. In fact most were women. Although please note that new-age wicca has nothing in common with the indigenous practices of those Saxon women. Just the name.
    I believe if you want to discover a true and ancient form of "witchcraft" I suggest you research into Seiðr the Völva , if anything just to expand your knowledge on Paganism.
    It is Germanic, and was practiced by all Germanic people including the Saxons and likely is similar to what the original Wicca practiced in pre-christian Europe.
    But just remember, modern Wicca has little to nothing in common with these ancient ways. Seiðr is a mysterious path and an ancient one, not to be taken lightly or because someone wants to pretend they are "a witch" in fact if you research into it you will learn that indeed these paths of "witchcraft" are actually forms of Shamanism.

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    Re: Non wiccan sources

    This thread has a lot of books you can look into.
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    Re: Non wiccan sources

    Make sure you have to read those books where some ones are good and some are not.

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    Re: Non wiccan sources

    I would also recommend reading the threads here on this thread, such as ask a druid and so forth.
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