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Thread: Ask a Theistic Satanist/Demonolator Thread

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    Re: Ask a Theistic Satanist/Demonolator Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by habbalah View Post
    Please excuse me if this has been asked, but how do you view other entities? Angels? Gods?
    I am a hard polytheist, so I generally view other entities as legitimate and individual beings (depending on the entity in question). Regarding Angels, my views of them are rather complex - but ultimately, I do not regard them in the same manner as many New-Agers (i.e., working individually with human beings, Archangels being cuddly and full of love and care for each person, etc.). I regard Angels as extensions and theophanies of IHVH.

    Quote Originally Posted by habbalah View Post
    Do you work with any entities besides demons?
    I have worked with several different deities and spirits in the past - Durga, Nergal and Mati Syra Zemlya being foremost. Presently, I include my non-corporeal familiar in my workings if you would include Her as an entity; but, today I do not generally work with non-Demonic forces.

    Quote Originally Posted by habbalah View Post
    Do you believe any others exist?
    I do. Again, I believe in the individuality of other gods and entities - but I also believe in the existence of a wide variety of spiritual beings such as those belonging to the realms of the Astral, the spirits of the Dead, wanderers of the Otherworlds and human-created entities such as thoughtforms, servitors and egregores.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bartmanhomer View Post
    I got a question, How many demons are there in Satanism?
    For the sake of clarity, Demons exist outside of Satanism - so I would better be able to elaborate on the question of "how many Demons exist?". My answer would be that the number of Demons in existence is without number.

    My personal catalogue of Demons, which I have been compiling for a number of years, consists of over 3,000 names which I have sourced from a variety of world cultures, mythologies, religions and UPG. I am certain that I will continue to discover Demons previously unknown to me for the rest of my life. Remember, too, that these 3,000 Demons are only those whose names or natures are known to Man - there are countless others which have never been interacted with before.

    Quote Originally Posted by Azvanna View Post
    What is the most common misconception people have about your faith?
    I would have to say, primarily, that we are equatable with Devil-worshippers and so-called "Satanic ritual abusers".

    Quote Originally Posted by Azvanna View Post
    Is there a value you have that other people and maybe other Satanists are surprised by?
    Most assuredly it would be my sense of compassion and kindness towards others. It's not a forced or adopted value - I am, purely by nature, a very compassionate and kind individual. Most people seem who know me in real life would never be able to reconcile the person that they know with their perception of a Satanist.

    Quote Originally Posted by Azvanna View Post
    I heard on the news today some chiropractors in Australua were being investigated because of outlandish claims. If I ever need help with my back, I see a reputable remedial massage therapist and a physiotherapist.
    I recently had a very good experience with a physio after an ankle sprain. I have never had remedial massage, so it is something I will definitely look into - thank you. One thing is for sure, I am steering clear of chiropractors.

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    Re: Ask a Theistic Satanist/Demonolator Thread

    I'm bumping this thread because I have a question?

    What's the difference between a devil, daemon and demon or are all three entities the same?

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