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  • tea

    27 36.00%
  • coffee

    24 32.00%
  • I have no opinion on that matter

    2 2.67%
  • How on earth could I make such a decision!! Both!

    21 28.00%
  • Blegh, both are nasty...

    1 1.33%
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Thread: Tea or coffee?

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    Re: Tea or coffee?

    I am the only person who voted that they're both nasty. And they are! Just gross and bitter. Yes, I've tried all manner of different coffees and teas. Still bitter.
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    Re: Tea or coffee?

    Tea tea tea tea tea tea tea!!!!!!!!

    breakfast tea, green tea, chai tea, mint tea, ALL TEA!!!

    I wake up and go to sleep on green tea infused with grapefruit and pineapple.. I drink breakfast tea at work as it's what they stock the cupboards with.. Then after work it's green and mint tea infusion

    I buy and drink other teas occasionally but they don't tend to last very long yummy!

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