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Thread: Religious self-identification...

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    Re: Religious self-identification...


    I am god.

    But functionally, a hard polytheist... In which I am part of my own gods. Lol.

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    Re: Religious self-identification...

    I see,and just how long have you been self touching your god parts there sonny boy...the sun is a god,right?

    Rock on deity dog...
    MAGIC is MAGIC,black OR white or even blood RED

    all i ever wanted was a normal life and love.
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    Re: Religious self-identification...

    As a few others said, I'm intellectually agnostic but spiritually polytheistic.

    I would describe myself as a squishy polytheist. I believe that the gods are manifestations of different combinations of energy - kind of like how chemical compounds are made up of different elements, which are made up of different combinations of atoms. The gods are all distinct entities, but some of them may be made up of the same "elements" so the distinctions between them might be fuzzy. Either these similar gods are like twins - genetically identical but with different identities and personalities - or they're just different names for the same being.

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    Re: Religious self-identification...

    I voted for pantentheist, but it seems to change from moment to moment. Sometimes I very clingy to a specific kind of divinity, sometimes I'm almost closer to atheism. When it comes to the existence of gods I go by "I don't know" attitude but still keep a personal relation to them. So I'm still quite agnostic at some level. I can't prove anything or believe wholeheartedly in some being existing in some certain form.
    But I tend to think there is something divine that pervades everything - or nothing divine at all (and if nothing is divine, then it could be as well that everything is divine but that would be just another endless existential debate).

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    Re: Religious self-identification...

    Quote Originally Posted by Rowanwood View Post
    Hedge Pantheist....all is divine, but not all is physical. I usually don't even bother explaining. People get this glazed look, like a donut.
    A cop pulls a guy over and says, "Your eyes are red. Have you been smoking pot?" And the guy replies, "Your eyes are glazed, have you been eating donuts?"

    Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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