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Thread: confused about my path, guidance needed

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    Re: confused about my path, guidance needed

    Quote Originally Posted by motherearth View Post
    Azvanna, thank you for the kind advice, Druidry interests me since I love the nature aspects of things. I agree with you on a lot of what you said, especially the most important loving God and the people around you.

    What is you personal view on combining aspects of paganism with christianity if I may ask?

    Once again I appreciate the lovely advice and thank you for taking the time to give advice, I will seek and ask for guidance.
    You're welcome!

    Have you found this article that explores the definition of paganism? It's heavy reading, but mentions many forms of paganism and offers a definition in the last few paragraphs.

    As for your question about how I blend Christianity with paganism, I wrote this in my journal a little while back and it might explain a little:

    Everyday, I try to approach God with no expectations and instead just listen as He speaks for Himself minus my interruptions and preconceptions. Never have I been so free and creative in my approach to prayer. Never have I before considered the notion of connection between physical and spiritual at this depth. Rather than the two being separate, Druidry makes them one. The spiritual is all around me now, not just as a detached, pervading extra sense that happens in the mind’s eye, but it permeates the physical world and fills up my five senses.

    From Christianity, I take my gateway, Jesus, who opened the way for me and in whom my spirituality was birthed. I take my ever-present guide, the Holy Spirit. I take the principles of Truth being within (the Kingdom of Heaven is within our hearts now – not a temple), equality with each other and reciprocal humility between each other and God. From Druidry, I take the principle of interconnectedness, the Divine aspect displayed in nature and the quest for Truth within it.
    Essentially, I am a Christian who believes that the earth has a part in the plan of salvation just as I do (Romans 8:18-23). Rather than just me worshipping, it is me and the earth worshipping together in synergy.

    I hope that answers your question

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    Re: confused about my path, guidance needed

    I have met wiccans who follow christianity ( lack of better words) but are still wiccan and use their tools of spirituality. You have to appeal to what feels right to you. It is your spiritual path no one can determine what path you take but yourself

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    Re: confused about my path, guidance needed

    The article on the definition of paganism you linked gave me a better understanding of the word so thanks for that, I see it's a broad word and can take on a lot of different ways on how we interpret it.

    Thanks for the piece out of your journal entry it is inspirational and I seem to feel the same way about me and nature worshipping together rather than being separate and ignoring nature as part of being.

    Haha and I agree Jesus was a cool dude.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Thank you for your advise. I am starting to feel that way about my path, I am sure I will try to avoid to label it but stay true to it.

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