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Thread: Experiences with Apollo(n)?

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    Experiences with Apollo(n)?

    Hey everyone! I've just recently come back to paganism as an adult now, but I'm taking things super slow and just trying to get a good feel for what my own beliefs even are. I'm not rushing around trying to look for a patron or anything yet, but I just love hearing stories of how others have interacted with the various gods and goddesses -- patrons or not.

    In particular, I'd be very interested in hearing about any experiences that any of you might have had with Apollo (or Apollon, depending on your experience, I suppose). I've searched the forums a bit, but not many people had mentioned him in detail. So, yeah... if anyone has anything they'd like to share -- small experience or large! -- then I'd absolutely love to hear!

    Thanks in advance, everyone! (:

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    Re: Experiences with Apollo(n)?

    I've got a little experience I suppose.

    One day was particularly sunny and beautiful, and it was the day of a big biker event. So I did a thank you ritual kinda thing to Freyr. But before I could complete it I had this blazing image of Apollo in my head instead. So I guess that was Apollos sunny day, not Freyrs. So I was like "Shit sorry for not giving you credit." and enjoyed the sun. I assume he was doing it for somebody else.
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    Re: Experiences with Apollo(n)?

    oh man, okay, where do I even start? Apollo is my patron. I have SO MANY experiences with him. I've mentioned him a few times on other threads, here's probably the best descriptive quote I've posted:

    "He's radiant, as you might expect. He appears with the sun behind him, which fills the whole scene with this golden-red light and makes me feel warm and welcomed. Instead of making him just a silhouette however, the sun behind him lights up his entire being: everything in the room glows gold, and it's easy to see the light is actually coming from him. He is triumphant and glorious. He has golden hair the same color as the sun's rays, a handsome face, and a friendly smile. Although his figure looks human, it's very easy to see he is a god. There is also always music that accompanies his appearances. It's always orchestral, but not always the same piece. Sometimes I recognize it and sometimes I don't."

    That's usually what it's like when he appears to me. He makes everything warm too, it's very comforting and welcoming. As for my relationship with Apollo, I see him as sort of a father figure to me. He's always there for me to talk to or request help from. He doesn't always appear to me, that's actually only happened a couple of times, but I can feel his presence even when I can't actually see any kind of manifestation. It feels like warm sunlight on my skin, and there's usually music. I worship by lighting candles to him, or sometimes I just pray.

    So yeah, that's generally what working with him is like. I have specific stories galore if you want to hear those.

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