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Thread: Here's To Eternity

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    Wink Here's To Eternity

    The things I believe in, you may not understand
    The things I do, you may not agree with
    The way I see things, you may not comprehend
    The way I am, may confuse you
    The reasons I have, to you, may not make sense
    But, every single one of my quirks, my differences, my unique qualities, make up who I am. Sometimes it's difficult, so is everyone's lives at times. But i'm not going to morph myself for any reason that I don't deem worthy. I am always going to be me and I don't want to change who I am so i'm never going to. I will take this celestial soul of mine to the far reaches of my own mortality. Where my "self" is going to end up when my body calls it quits; I haven't figured that part out yet, but wherever, or whatever, is left after "the end", is going to have one stubborn, complicated, tattooed, ADHD, loving, mystical, nerdy, smiling thing to deal with.
    So, here's to eternity, bring it on.
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