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Thread: divine intervention

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    Re: divine intervention

    Quote Originally Posted by Medusa View Post
    So how about a god like Zeus. Does he practice divine penetration?
    Except for that one time he was a golden shower.
    Trust is knowing someone or something well enough to have a good idea of their motivations and character, for good or for ill. People often say trust when they mean faith.

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    Re: divine intervention

    Quote Originally Posted by Ophidia View Post
    The standard definition of 'divine intervention' is a positive act of a God. When a God picks a person up & smacks them into a wall, it's divine retribution. Or simply an 'act of God/s'. Gods can be fickle and petty and have poor impulse control, so yeah, acts of God/s.
    Not to mention the fact that sometimes we piss them off and are in need of a kick up the bum.

    Sometimes I think there is a bit too much human ego around when it comes to deities. I think that sometimes they just don't care about us, or particularly like us, or actively dislike what we are doing. It's not all benevolence and hanging around waiting to do something nice for us little humans over here in our little world.

    And then sometimes, things happen, whether they be good or bad, and it's got absolutely nothing to do with deities or spirits whatsoever.

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    Re: divine intervention

    My view on divinity is similar to Rea'ya's: both immanent and transcendent. Sort of like you can see the artist in the painting, but the artist is much more than the painting. Honestly, this reality may be just one of many paintings stacked against the wall. Or book or however you want to refer to a creative project.

    This makes the idea of intervention interesting. Could the artist repaint the picture? Sure. Could the author rewrite the book? Sure. Could the painting/book/whatever ask for this attention? It sometimes feels like something I have created is asking for attention in my life. I would certainly like to think that the poem that is our existence is sometimes reviewed by the author, but I don't know. Maybe we are imbued with divinity because that's our job now.

    I, too, have had experiences that defy material explanation, but I don't know that it is divine intervention so much as part of the story that we really don't understand. It has been said that it is a wise to know what you don't know, and this is something I don't know. Simply choosing to describe the experience of existence as "divine" is interesting to me, based, at least for me, almost entirely on intuition and feeling. A huge leap of faith.

    "No, no, you're not thinking; you're just being logical." -- Niels Bohr

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    Re: divine intervention

    My view on divinity falls into place with the Kami being the spiritual nature to everything in the universe which occupies a physical nature, and in some cases they exist without one such as the Kami of creative forces. In a sense, the world around us is also the Kami, but while spiritual and physical natures exist as two separate natures within the same universe they are not as melded as being two sides of a singular nature.

    Divine intervention is a really tricky topic for me to really come to a conclusion on. On one front, since everything in the world is divine in some manner, everything that occurs within the universe is divine intervention. On the other hand that also means that also means that every human action is also divine intervention, since human beings also have Kami within themselves as their spiritual nature.

    Eh, sorry. I haven't really put too much time or study into this topic, so my answer isn't as articulate as I would have liked.

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