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Thread: Someone shed some light on this? Prayer to Anubis.

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    I consider myself agnostic but I pray to egyptian gods, mainly Anubis.

    Talking Someone shed some light on this? Prayer to Anubis.

    So my step-mom is clairvoyant and she lately has been getting messages from the Egyptian gods, and they have helped with her current issues, so she has started worshiping mainly them. I've always been into Egyptian mythology, so I have decided to turn my attention to Anubis.

    Every now and then, I use this fist-sized canopic I made in ceramics to fill with iced water, and I say a prayer [the shape inspired by Anubis]. Yesterday, I filled the jar with iced and asked for something new besides giving thanks; I asked for protection. As I made it outside to pick up my laundry, I noticed a moth stalking me, and when I got back, it somehow made its way inside. I caught it in a jar and let it out.

    So tonight, I come near my pantry, which is right next to my front door, and notice like six moths fluttering around. When I flip the light, they all flee to darker places. I caught one and let it out, but when I came back, they all disappeared. I shuffled some cans and stuff but none wanted to come back out.

    I'm new to this. Someone want to help? I'm never had a shitton of moths in my house before, so I'm curious. I usually have one or two flying around every blue moon. Am I getting symbols? Or am I just being weird?

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    Re: Someone shed some light on this? Prayer to Anubis.

    I'm not an expert but I don't think this has something to do with protection or something like that. Maybe I am wrong, maybe it's the way of Anubis of watching you. But I don't think it has something to do with him. We have a user that worships Anubis too, maybe she will see this thread and comment.
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