First, welcome to the forum! And no, there is nothing wrong with pursuing a deity free (Atheist/Pantheist/etc) Pagan spirituality- plenty of us do that too.

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I know it isn't strictly pagan in the sense you're discussing, but you should look into Taoism...
Taoism is great and could be something of interest as well. I pull from a lot of different faiths but feel a mesh between Western Paganism and Eastern thought works best for me.

And as above when it comes to meditation - there are lots..and I mean a TON of different meditation methods, not one right or wrong type. If the clear mind technique doesn't work for you there are a lot of different active methods as well..if you want to keep in a more Pagan feel I would suggest looking up Druidic meditation techniques..they are somewhat similar to active Zen meditation.

Again welcome to the Forum and feel free to ask any and all of us for any help you may need along your journey; I wish you the best of luck! ^_^