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Thread: Environmental Pollution, the thread...

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    Re: Environmental Pollution, the thread...

    As Detroit was mentioned in this thread, I would like to point out a building in Detroit that would make a very good preservation. Detroit Central Station. Here are some Pictures.

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    Re: Environmental Pollution, the thread...

    Quote Originally Posted by B. de Corbin View Post
    Definition: Investor - somebody who puts money into a company, expecting to get more money back. This includes not just rich people, but people who are retired, and living off their pension, 401k, etc., or who intend to at some future date.


    3. Companies have to be held fiscally responsible for their own actions and the prior actions of companies they buy out - again, this means that investors will have to be satisfied with less money.
    This immediately brings to mind for me our partisan democratic process in Australia, where the two main parties take turns taking over leadership from eachother, and then blaming the other one for any economic problems, which usually have much longer histories than any individual parties' term in office. It's interesting to question the automatic presumption that you would want to take over a leadership position, that it comes with no responsibility that you cannot shirk. I suppose you could impose a relative tax on political donations based on the debts the previous party left, but also on the ones you create. So any party taking over could find it tough to bounce back from previous debts, but there would be a longer ledger than either term, and it would become even harder for a party who deliberately created debt for the next party to ever get back in. We have inadequate transparency around that here in Australia, and it leads to such an erosion of our democracy, it renders debate about its functioning fairly moot.

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