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Thread: Share your traditions with me!

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    Share your traditions with me!

    Hi There-

    I work for a major television production company and we just so happen to be developing a new cable TV show that features people/families with unique and interesting traditions. If you would be interested in sharing some of your traditions with me, I would love to hear them! Thanks so much and I’m looking forward to hearing from you all.

    - Brittany

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    Re: Share your traditions with me!

    I would say if you are as you say "A major tv production company" that you would name your company here. Also just a FYI,RED text is reserved for Staff here,and it would be better not to use that color. I myself am not staff,so really I think you need to ask Staff if what you wish is possible. It would also be up to the members here,as we are not all of the same belief but are all pagans under that umbrella term.

    Best bet is to address the Staff first.
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    Re: Share your traditions with me!


    Thanks for your interest in our forum. Customarily, we ask folks like you (peeps doing academic research, TV shows, etc) to draft a request to the administrators/owners of the forum (that would be myself and Juniper) giving us the pertinent information (including professional affiliation*, etc) about your request and what it will be used for.

    We normally treat requests like this as spam, which we don't allow, but in some cases, when we think the request would be of interest to forum members or that they would be interested in helping, we will allow the request.



    *I can understand not wanting to put this information on a public forum, but as the staff, we reserve the right to vet any organization utilizing our community
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