Has anyone called to Saturn in their rituals? Yesterday was the new moon and I had a ritual with just my dog and I. I dressed a black pillar candle with "Emperor" Oil, and wrote on it the glyphs for Saturn, Scorpio (my natal Saturn) and Sagittarius (location of Saturn right now). I chanted "Om Shani Charaya Namaha" which is supposed to be one of the many mantras for Lord Saturn of the Hindu tradition. I myself am not Hindu, and do not know much about Vedic astrology, but I love chanting and mantras, I find them very powerful. When I had raised energy through chanting, I asked Saturn what he had to teach me. You see, I am going through my Saturn return. I pulled the Devil card from my tarot deck. I found this pretty spooky because this card is associated with Capricorn, which is ruled by (you guessed it) Saturn. One interpretation of the Devil card is that of self-imposed limitations--you may have limitations or suffering, but they are of your own making. Very Saturnian! I asked Saturn to clarify, and pulled the King of Cups reversed. Does anyone know what that could mean? Anyway, I found the ritual very effective. I felt that I had really conjured the energy that I was seeking.