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Thread: Lightdragon's Crystal/Stone Info Thread

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    Re: Magic Crystals.

    Quote Originally Posted by Norse_Angel View Post
    Mm.... Something about man-made crystals, or man-changed crystals turns me off. I feel if they were meant to have that color, the earth would have made them so. Other than that, I won't talk too much down upon you. If they work for you, then I'm happy to hear.
    Just my two cents.
    I never worked with them. saw them around. and I noticed some people especially people new to paganism and/or the New Age usually will buy these or the very least ask about them.
    they are good for children to play with and explore. as well as some form of décor. even a cheap and fast way to get stones for your chakras.

    you have people who do not feel comfortable with polished/tumbled stones and prefer natural ones. it is to each their own. then of course you have blue dyed howlite. actually the blue dye to it changes it's properties to a lesser form of turquoise. and discussing further on it is another topic altogether.

    as a general rule if you do not feel comfortable with it then don't use it. that even applies to natural stones.
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    Re: Wolfsong's Quartz formations & Properties.

    Amethyst: Amethyst is great for meditative work and dream work. It brings calm, balance, patience and peace to ones life. This in turn encourages insight, stability and strength. It assists in legal matters as well as money. As with all quartz it is a great healer. It assists one in overcoming addictions. It also helps to illeviate modern day disfunctions and aids with headaches, insomnia and healing the central nervous system. It is a stone which facilitates the use of common sense to promote good decision making.

    Chakra: Crown, Third Eye, Heart, Throat

    Elestial (Jacare) Quartz: A crystal with natural termintaions over the body and faces.

    These are some of the most powerful crystals to work with and are amoung the best teachers. They help us in understanding that which we need to understand to continue our journey. They help to calm confused thoughts and in this way stimulate learning. They help in keeping learning fun and interesting and thus promote continued learning. They are great comforters for people in thier later stages of life and assist one in releasing the fear of leaving the physical body. They assist us in remembering our immortality by reminding us of our spiritual unity. By looking at the complex makeup of these crystals one learns to understand the concept of integration and its many connotations.

    Chakra: Throat, Heart, Third eye, Solar Plexus

    Barnacle Quartz: These are crystals which are partially covered by other crystals.

    Seeing they are a form of clusters they carry the same properties as clusters. They increase intellectual growth and fertility. They help with trust and depenence issues. It helps stimulate family or group cooperation. For some they represent the soul of the master gathering the younger souls. It encourages willingness to work with others and also assists one during times of loss.

    Chakra: All

    Self-Healed Crystal: These can be identified by the crystalline stucture where the crystal was broken.

    These crystals are tremendous healers and can help one in healing oneself and others. They teach us that nothing is ever too late or too damaged. Situations which may appear devastating or unresolvable can be overcome using this crystal. They offer support for those with strong emotional issues or are struggling to overcome an addiction.
    A Master Self-Healed crystal is a crystal which has been broken completely through and then healed re-completing the structure. This is "the" master crystal for self-healing.

    Chakra: All

    Rose Quartz: This is a stone of love ans self-love. It opens the heart chakra to all forms of love and helps attract love. Emotionally it lowers stress, anger and negativity and helps bring out gentleness, compassion, kindness and tolerance. It teaches one to appreciate the beauty in art, music and the written word. Helps in healing emotional traumas. Can be helpful in dream work and meditation. It is also a great healing stone with some placing a piece in thier off hand while practicing the art of crystal healing. They feel that the energies of love are an important aspect of all healing. It aids in the rejuventaion of both the physical and emotional bodies and works to calm the heart while soothing skin problems such as burns and blistering.

    Chakra: Third Eye, Heart

    Phantom Quartz: Phantoms occur in crystals where growth have stopped for a period of time leaving a partial or complete phantom within the crystal. These allow us to see the process of evolution. Helps in spirituality by clearly showing the inner is always the foundation of the outer. They teach us that even after stagnation growth can reoccur. There are several differant types of phantoms including but not limited to the following.

    Amethyst Phantom: Help assist in recalling other lives which helps one learn from multiple live experiences. It is used by many for meditation, dream work, and journeying.

    Black Phantom: If one posesses one of these no other grounding stone is needed. This crystal aligns perfectly the physical energy centers.

    Green Phantom: Great for dream work, meditation and spirit journeying. Also a great healing stone due to the chlorite within. I find this stone to be one of the most useful when working with or healing nature.

    Smokey Phantom: Used for protection and strong foundations. A good crystal to carry with you as a pocket crystal.

    White Phantom: These create some of the prettiest phantoms. They help us see the world and situations through new eyes often giving us new insights into what we thought was mundane. A wonderful crystal for times when we feel our world lacks wonderment.

    Red Phantom: These crystals contain limonite so share properties with that mineral. Used to stimulate the first 3 chakras as well as intellectual thought and creativity. They make marvelous healers and infuse our lives with vitality when things become mundane.

    Shown below is a black phantom.

    Included Quartz: Just as quartz can hold differing types of phantoms so can they hold differing types of inclusions. The included minerals combine thier properties with those of quartz making them very useful tools. The quartz tends to amplify the mineral's properties. Quatrz can be included by many things. Here are a few.

    Chlorite: This crystal contains earth energy and as such is a very powerful healing tool both in healing the earth as well as yourself.

    Black Tourmaline: This is a very powerful protective crystal on all levels. It also repels negativity and helps purify yourself and your surroundings. As with most black stones it is very effective for working with and cleansing the base chakra. One placed by your computer monitor helps to illeviate those "harmful" energies.

    Gold: When combined with quartz this makes a great healing crystal.

    Rutile: Helps with mental focus, getting things started and seeing them through to completion both mentally and physically.Can be used in meditation and dream work. These make amazing healers and are favored by many South American healers for trans-work.

    Graphite: Increases the flow of energy for healing or spiritual work. Can be used to align the chakras. It also assists in the sharing of information and eases learning. If work seems uncomprehendable place this crystal beside you to assist you in understanding

    Clear Quartz: Along with all of the properties associated with Quartz a water clear crystal is said to be male. As such they are great to carry around for males to keep them balanced and for females who what to get more in touch with thier masculine side.

    Chakra: All

    White Quartz: Along with all the properties associated with Quartz White Quartz is said to be female. They are very helpful for women to remain balanced and great for men who want to get more in touch with thier feminine side.

    Chakra: All

    A crystal that is half clear and half clouded is called a Ying Yang crystal. These promote a balance of both the masculine and feminine energies on both the physical and mental levels.

    Extra-Terrestrial Crystal: This is a crystal with a single termination on one end and multiple terminations on the other end.

    It is believed these crystals help one contact space beings, celestial beings, and guardian angles. Along with this they help to remind us that we are all individuals within the one. ETs help one build and maintain self-confidence and courage.

    Chakra: Third Eye, Throat

    Generator Crystal: This is a crystal which has 6 evenly spaced sides that center at the tip.

    They have the ability to store, amplify and transmit or generate energy. Along with this they also are wonderful projectors, concentraters, and enhancers of other crystals' or minerals' energies. They can be use to create a connection and unity within a group and transmit thoughts which is especially useful for teachers and healers. They stimulate all portions of the physical, mental and emotional bodies. These truely are powerful tools.

    Chakra: Third Eye, Throat

    Japan Law Twin: These crystals have twin points at a 90 degree angle.

    These are great for clearing the aura and for aligning the auric body with the physical structure, dispelling anger and stabilizing your emotions. They help in working out problems on both the pysical and subtle levels.

    Chakra: All

    Scepter Crystal: This is a crystal where the top of the crystal formation is larger in diameter than the stem.

    The scepter crystal brings the energies of the higher planes into healing ceremonies. It the focuses the energy directly to the cause of the matter. It is great for transmitting directional energy. They help to establish a firm connection to your true self by reminding you who you are and why you are here. Scepter Quartz gives you courage to take action and follow through by instilling confidence in all your endevours. Excellent for the third eye and for protection as well as for transforming energy and dispersing negative energies. They are believed to have been worn by priests and priestesses of Altantis. (The one pictured below is of an Amethyst scepter and is also rutile included. Although very small this is one of my most powerful tools when it comes to dealing with emotions.)

    Chakra: All

    Some come from the Kakamunurle mine in Tamil Nadu, Southern India. They have been finding these scepters there for over 10 years now but only recently have they been finding pockets large enough where they become more readily available world wide. That being said they still are not common by any means and very hard to find. Clusters are almost impossible to come by but you do see them now and then.

    An interesting note on minerals from India. Up until about 9 years ago or so there were some individuals in India who traveled from mine to mine to ensure crystals/minerals were taken ethically. Time was taken to chart the pocket and note the energies from individual crystals as well as their relation to the pocket and if any interacted. This is the same process that is still carried out in Brazil. Although there has been a big decline regarding this process in both countries it has all but disappeared in India where as in Brazil, although it is no longer a common practice, it is still carried out. Recently there has been a comeback in this area in both India and Brazil due to the demand worldwide.

    Harlequin Quartz: These contain red specs of Hematite or Lepidocrocite. The one pictured has Lepidocrocite inclusions which combines the properties of both minerals.

    It helps regain energy as well as helps with circulation. It is great for the base chakra and helps create a direct link between the base and heart chakras. This Quartz allows one to open the heart and emotional bodies to help in healing and transformation. It assists in healing traumas from both this life as well as past lives and helps in relieving depression. Helpful with any heart disorders.

    Chakra: Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, Base

    Tabular Quartz: This is a crystal which is flattened. If the width is not at least two times the thickness of the depth it isnt a tabby.

    This crystal is great for communication and retrieving information that can bridge the gap between the mind and the heart. To accomplish this it grounds "scattered" energies allowing us to focus clearly on the task at hand. Great for developing psychic abilities it can also be used to activate or clear other minerals or crystals. The one pictured is also covered on one side with Fearie Frost.

    Chakra: Throat, Third Eye

    Fairy Frost: This is a very light dusting of quartz on a crystal. When touched it feels like a very fine sandpaper. To view it usually requires using a magnifying loop. If you look closely at the right side of the crystal you can barely make out some of the frost.

    These crystals are great for working with nature as well as dissipating unwanted energies from chakras.

    Chakra: All

    Tibetan Quartz: These are highly protective spiritual crystals and as such make awesome pocket crystals to carry with you at all times. They are great for chakra work and double terminated ones are great for connecting chakras as well as desolving any blocks between them. They also carry a strong "OM" vibration making them excellent crystals for meditation. Great healing crystals as well as great crystals for teaching healing to students.

    Chakra: All

    Although the 2 crystals shown below have only been with me for 3 weeks now they have become great partners for me in my work. Learning to work with them took only a few days when normally it takes me 2 or 3 weeks to feel comfortable with crystals.They both have Actinolite inclusions in thier tips, one green, one yellow.

    The green one is amazing for any work involving nature. It also has a tiny bit of yellow right at the tip. This for me makes it a great healing tool for nature which is something that is very dear to me. It also allows access to all realms of nature and helps one in linking with these realms.

    Chakra: Base, Sacral

    The yellow (Golden Healer) one I am slowly starting to work with when healing is involved. These are reputed to be incredible healing tools. They help one in recognizing the techniques needed to overcome illness of any kind. You will find them to have a very high frequency energy. Golden Healers come from many areas with beautiful ones coming out of Mt. Ida Arkansas which are coated with a light dusting of Iron Hydrate giving them a stunning appearance. The two types, included and coated, differ subtley in energies but both make phenominal healing tools.

    Chakra: Sacral, Solar Plexus

    - - - Updated - - -

    Dream Quartz: This quartz gets its color from Epidote inclusions.

    It can assist in states of deep meditation and lucid dreaming.It assists in the contact with spirit guides as well as in the development of channeling abilities. It bring peace and relaxes the body. It assists in remembering dreams and helps to manifest those dreams. It also helps in past life regression work.

    Chakra: Third Eye

    Witches Finger: . I first heard about these crystals a few years ago and they caught my interest right away. They were originally found by a couple of South African men who had traveled to Zambia to this dig location. As the first crystal was being uncovered it was said it was long and thin and covered with thick warts. This is where the name witches fingers came from. Witches in Africa are thought of much in the same way as are other healers around the world. They are both feared and at the same time looked at with great respect due to thier healing knowledge as well as thier knowledge in respect to all of nature.
    Witches Fingers are comprised of Quartz crystals with Mica, Iron Oxide, Hematite and Magnetite inclusions. The inclusions do however vary and crystals may contain all, some or even more minerals than mentioned above. The attachments which resemble "warts" are comprised of all of the above minerals.

    These crystals are said to be powerful protective tools and can be placed throughout the house, in doorways or carried with you for this purpose. They are said to instill peace by activating the fourth chakra as well as opening the heart. They allow you to analize dreams in a logical way and will attract new teachers and spirit guides to you when the time is right. They assist you in looking at your life and taking the nessessary steps in making logical choices to move your life ahead. It teaches you that change is a vital part of everyone's life and that we should not fear it.

    Chakra: Base, Third Eye

    Regional Quartz

    I have found that while working with quartz some commonalities occur based on the location from where it came. As with all quartz, and all minerals for that matter, not everything holds true for everyone or every individual crystal/mineral but this does occur enough to warrant mention. Also, there are many quartz locals and there is no way to touch on all of them so for here I shall just touch on the obvious locals where much of today's quartz comes from. Again, I always stress that you work with any mineral yourself to learn from it and use any insights you have gained from others as a guideline only. That being said...

    Let me start by saying that I honestly believe that minerals coming from areas where the land has been subject to human abuse or where minerals have been mined unethically can, at times, be hard to tap in to for knowledge or may not allow their true strength to come forth for some time and in rare cases never depending on the damage done. It has been proven that quartz can be mutilated to the point where it vibrates at a different frequency and where it no longer holds the identical charge it did prior to being altered. At times these changes can enhance a crystal and at times they can be damaged forever. This is why it is so important for anyone interested in working with any mineral to learn from it on a one on one basis for every crystal is unique with its own imprint. All this being said crystals can also change thier imprint due to natural occurances. A great example of this is lightening strike quartz and shock quartz. Due to natural phenomina they have taken on properties they never had before. Fulgarites (sand which has been hit by lightening and turned into quartz tubes) are another great example of something being transformed and after posessing different properties. So as can be seen... events, both natural and man made, can effect minerals both positively and negatively.

    Brandberg, Nambia: Quartz from this location is known for its combinations of Amethyst, Smokey and Clear Quartz all within the same Crystal. Many enhydros come from this area as well. Although mining techniques here tend to be better than other places in Africa the Crystals still need some extra work to fully open. Work with them is well worth the effort however as they truly are unique individuals.

    Romania: In recent years a very important type of Quartz has been coming out of this country and although the mine is now closed enough material was taken out to make it readily available to today's buyers. Quartz from this area is renouned for its shape and associations. Taking the shape of Tessiner Habit Crystals in both Smokey and white variations and having Calcite, Pyrite and Dolomite assiciations this Quartz has Quickly gained a foothold within the metaphysical community. It's energies are unique to not only the mineral and its associations but also to it's local. This Quartz needs very little cleansing effort before starting work with it.

    Russia: Over the last few years Russian Quartz is finding its way more and more into the metaphysical community. With several mines producing unique Quartz such as Snow Quartz, Prazem, Beta, Red, and Growth Interference Russia is Quickly becoming a leader in Quartz exports. Look for this Quartz to tkae some time to open up to you but in the end it will be some of the most useful, unique and trustworthy Quartz for you to work with developing deep connections.

    Peru: Although often overlooked these days Quartz from Peru is still a mainstay amoung many pagans. Known for its Feary/Needle Quartz Quartz has been mined here for decades and used by locals for centuries. This is a very delicate Quartz both physically and in every other respect. Cleansing is done very easily and is not required as often as with other Quartz. There is another form of Quartz from Peru coming from Nazca which holds very old and unique properties as well but is little known outside the country.
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    Re: Wolfsong's Quartz formations & Properties.

    Congo: This area is know for its high quality natural Citrine. It is some of the purest in the world. One must keep in mind however that this area is still strickened by poverty and as such one sees many human as well as land abuses in the mining techniques used. With all this in mind Crystals from this area may need several cleansings to fully open them for work but the results in the end make it time well spent. In a way the Crystals need healing before they can help you in your endevours.

    Orange River: Quartz from this locale comes in many differing forms and much of it is included with Hematite as well as other minerals. The Quartz overall is known for its healing qualities as well as its nature qualities. These are crystals which bring the calming and peaceful energies of nature into our local environ like few others can. Many are included with minerals causing pleasing pastel colors which only enhance this peaceful energy and help to ward off stress and unease from an environ. Keep in mind however that these Crystals, like all others, are individuals and as such need to be studied to gain access to their deepest potential. Crystals from here can contain most formations found in Quartz around the world. Quartz in this locale tends to be mined fairly ethically and as such may not need any extra cleansings. It does take a little more work than other Quartz however.

    Madagascar: Amazing varieties of quartz come from here. They as well in a lot of cases need extra cleansing but again can become very powerful crystals. For me these prove to be great nature crystals and work well for all aspects of healing.

    India: Although more known for other minerals some great quartz comes from here. They, at times, tend to need a little more cleansing but exibit a remarkable purity after.

    Tibet: Unfortunately much of what is sold as Tibetan quartz is in actuality Chinese quartz. If you are lucky enough to actually come across quartz from Tibet which has been mined ethically you are in touch with a very powerful helper. There is no better crystal for meditation.

    China: Although some sellers sell Quartz from China as Himalayan or Tibetan Quartz more and more sellers are distinguishing this by saying Quartz from Chinese Tibet and so on. Add to this some of the new Quartz coming out of China such as Chocolate Window Quartz as well as some stunning Red Quartz and Chinese Quartz is starting to find its rightful place within the metaphysical world. Abuses in mining techniques are at times still an issue but not as much as a decade ago. This Quartz will need a bit more cleansing and initial work than some others but the uniqueness of this material is worth the work.

    High Altittude Quartz: This comes mostly from elevations of 10,000 feet or more. They make for great helpers when it comes to meditation and clear thought. Cleansing on these tends to be minimal. These also tend to be some of the purest Crystals to work with.

    Mount Ida: Quartz from this area tends to be very stable and consistant to work with. In terms of cleansing I use the information I have from cleansing quartz from here as a guide to judge how hard or how easy it is to cleanse quartz from other areas. Again... there are a lot of variables which may well throw any of this information right out the window but as a guide it works fairly consistantly. Quartz from here can be used confidently in all aspects of your work.

    South America (Brazil): This can be some of the most powerful quartz you will ever work with and this is the quartz with which I learned a lot of what I know today. My teacher came from Brazil and went back regularly to lay out the energies of quartz before they were mined. I'll get back to this in a bit. Brazilian quartz is known for its healing and teaching properties but one must be wary of quartz from here as well. Although most of the quartz is mined ethically from here there are exceptions and some of these exceptions are extreme enough to at times have long lasting impact on the quartz. Using dynamite is not a good way to gain access to or mine quartz.
    All this being said... healers and shamans in Brazil have been using quartz in their work for thousands of years and their knowledge is vast. In certain areas, to this day, when a quartz deposit is found a shaman is called in to map the energies of the quartz before being disturbed. There are many aspects to this. Not only do they map the energies from individual crystals but also how they interact with other crystals as well as energies created by two or more crystals whose energies have interacted. This is a very complex process but it opens a window for the shaman or anyone who works with these crystals in the future to the natural energies of the crystal before they were mined. These natural energies when not altered and when shared by the shaman allow people access to truely incredible natural energies. This can be taken one step farther if one is fortunate enough to be gifted with two crystals which in thier natural environ shared energies. The natural link that exists between two such crystals opens doors that cannot be opened any other way.

    As I said above, quartz can be found all over the world and as such to even begin to discuss quartz locals in the hopes of covering the topic is doomed to failier. What I have attempted here is to touch on quartz from areas I am familiar with. You wont find a lot of information on this out there. I personally have never seen any... just vague mentions here and there. With this in mind hopefully I have opened a door for at least a few to go out and explore this avenue of study. This line of study opens itself to all minerals, not just quartz.
    This also made me think of another aspect of quartz work which I dont think has been touched on either to any great extent and hopefully I can post it here in the near future. This would be a short outline of how quartz is/was used in different cultures. What I mean by this is that quartz formations such as timelines, isis face, ETs and so on are completely unknown to some cultures while other cultures see a dull, cloudy crystal as an old mentor full of knowledge to be shared and pay no attention at all to a timeline. Some cultures look only at the.... well, you get the idea. Lets leave it at this for now and as I said above... hopefully I have sparked interest in a new line of thought for at least some of you with the above material.

    Quartz Beliefs in South America/Brazil

    I'm going to start this this next aspect of Quartz work by looking at Brazil and the way it's healers have looked at working with Quartz for thousands of years. I find myself torn with this subject seeing that it is a very personal path with me and I have been told that it's intricacies should not be shared readily. With this in mind I will try and touch on some basic aspects to hopefully kindle some interest. I encourage people who feel drawn to this path to seek out more wisdom from qualified teachers.

    In upcoming posts I will try and touch on other cultures and thier work with Quartz. For now... lets get started on Brazil/South America.

    Healers/shamans have existed in Brazil for thousands of years. During this time their work with quartz has been refined to a level which is astoundingly effective. For me the secret lies in its simplicity. Although some basic formations of Quartz are recognised South American healers look more towards the inner formations of Quartz realising full well that the internal structure of Quartz holds the secrets of how it resonates and what frequencies it resonates best to. It is these frequencies which in large part dictate what specific crystals will be used for.

    One of the first things you will learn from healers in South America is that they are only guides to help you along your path. The true secrets lie within the Quartz itself and are there for you to discover and learn how to work with. It becomes a very personal journey with the healer mostly there only for guidance and support.

    Another important aspect of working with Quartz in this culture is that Quartz should never be touched by others once they have been programmed and should never be used for anything but serious work.

    Cleaning Quartz is only done by what can be scraped of the crystal using a knife or other object and washing it in water. It is believed anything that remains after this has become one with the crystals and is now an intricate part of it.

    Mining Quartz in South America is done very ethically at times. When a quartz deposit is found a shaman is called in to map the energies of the quartz before being disturbed. There are many aspects to this. Not only do they map the energies from individual crystals but also how they interact with other crystals as well as energies created by two or more crystals whose energies have interacted. This is a very complex process but it opens a window for the shaman or anyone who works with these crystals in the future to the natural energies of the crystal before they were mined. These natural energies when not altered and when shared by the shaman allow people access to truely incredible natural energies.

    Programming Quartz is another important aspect in this culture but again... I feel this isnt the place to address this aspect of work.

    Storing Quartz: Some feel Quartz should be kept wrapped up and hidden away from prying eyes unless they are being worked with. Pouches made of black material are favored. I think everyone can see with how open I am about sharing pictures of my Quartz I tend not to follow this aspect of work too closely.

    As mentioned above most Quartz work is based on internal structures but some exterior structures are unique enough to be recognised as structures which effect Quartz energies. Here I will touch on a few.

    Doudle Terminated Quartz: DTs are considered to be protective. They amplify and increase your natural protective shield which surrounds your body which some refer to as your Aura. This increases your confidence on all levels of existance and while working in other dimensions and is the principle reason healers use DT wands. These crystals are also used to aid in what is called "conceptual gaze". This is a state where the mind and the heart become one and where niether wishes to dominate. There are differing techniques to reach this state but this is not the place to address those. All of this make DT wands very powerful tools for healing as well as traveling in other realms. The most important aspect of working with DT wands is to feel a deep personal relationship with it.

    Trigonics: This is a term used for crystals which have triangular shapes in/on them. These tell us that the crystal has the capacity to carry great knowledge within its structure.

    ET Crystals: These are very powerful crystals because they are easily programable. One is pictured below and is labeled "trident". This is so called due to the fact it has 3 terminations on one side. What makes this crystal even more powerful is that it is a "master resonance crystal". More on this later.
    Broken Crystals: It is believed that crystals which have fractured into several pieces will continue to resonate as one as long as the pieces remain in close proximity to each other (2 to 10 meters). If they are seperated over great distances they will in time become individual and resonate differently.

    Bridge, Twin Flame & "Y" Crystals: Bridge crystals have a rough "A" shape and are known to assist on in bridging gaps at all levels of work. Twin Flame crystals are two crystals of similar size which are joined at the base and then split in a "V" shape. These crystals acknowledge a common beginning but also celebrate individual growth after. Two crystals which form a natural "Y" are considered as two differing entities which have united to create one harmonious energy.

    Shards: These form in one of two ways. First is if a piece breaks off a crystal in a natural way such as what may happen when an earthquake hits. The second and more common way is a crystal which has not had time to complete its formation. Shards are considered by some to be the most powerful Quartz and are looked at as "free spirits" who do not confine themselves to a given shape. These become amazing tools when working towards a solution which may need to be looked at from an unusual perspective and when one needs to think "outside the box".

    Rainbows: Quartz which contains rainbows are considered to be lightbringers. They take in one spectrum of light and transform it into many spectrums. For this reason they become very powerful tools in transforming energies. The shard pictured below has amazing rainbows which makes it an extremely powerful companion under the right circumstances.

    Next we come to the inner structure of Quartz and some of the ways this structure is looked at and worked with. Lets start with one of the most powerful and most unique structures.

    Centrals & thier Remotes: These are two crystals which have grown together for millions of years and where a smaller one has grown within the energy field of a larger one. It truely is impossible to seperate the energies of the two crystals and as such they are worked with as one. Some look at it as the Central crystal being the foundation of the frequency whereas the Remote is the catalyst for new growth. The Remote becomes a great well of energy at any time seeing it is at all times tapped into its bigger counterpart. This makes it an amazing helper while traveling when one needs to tap into the energies from "home". If however the two are split over an extended period of time (usually years) their energies will grow apart in the same way broken crystals do. Below is pictured a Central crystal along with its Remote.

    Master Matrix Crystals: These are crystals which are considered great teachers and for the most part look dull and aged with patterns and shapes etched in its side. These crystals are ideally suited for programming.

    Master Resonance Crystals: These are the workhorses of many healers in Brazil. Some say they would rather have one of these than twenty regular crystals and many healers rely on ten to fifteen of these and only four or five regular crystals. These crystals, over time, have become one with the individual and know his needs in any given situation. As time passes one will become superior at meditation, another will take on the roll of manifestation... and so on. These crystals are not so much "programmed" as over time they tend to program themselves to your needs and if worked with intimately will, in a lot of cases, show you needs which you are not yet aware of. This level of work however takes years of training.

    Some people in South America, in resent years, have starting applying thier crystal beliefs to Chakra work. This has opened an amazing door by combining the beliefs of two age old cultures. When one sees the successes of work such as this one cant help but be totally amazed when one thinks of what the future holds for open minded individuals who refuse to limit their work.

    I could go on and on with Quartz work in South America but I think the above is a good basic outline of some of its' highlights.

    I'll leave you with one final thought which is for the most part a universal truth throughout South America. It is that all workers feel no Quartz can be "pigeon holed" by any one idividual for any other individual and that each individual quartz resonates at a specific frequency for specific individuals. This is one of the biggest "secrets" of thier work and is the main reason why I mention over and over in posts that no matter what you read... no matter what people share with you... spend time with each crystal so that you can learn what it has to teach. No one can do this for you.

    Below you will find a picture of some of my Brazilian Quartz. These pieces are all treasures and hold a spot close to my heart/mind. They are all master resonance crystals. The remote is truely the most amazing of crystals. Its internal structure features a crystal mountain range with a river (large enhydro) flowing through it. Words truely cannot describe it. The floater is complete and huge. It has no contact points and shows the same structure on the other side.

    I hope that the above is helpful to those interested in this path. It truely is a unique way which resonates not only within yourself but within all of nature as well.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Eastern Practices & How Quartz May Be Used Within Them: India, Tibet, China & Japan

    I have desided to combine these four areas due to the fact that through the ages there are more commonalities than there are differences. Yes specific areas were the origins of specific systems and yes the cultural climates have changed throughout human history but most of the main systems were very quickly adapted to the surrounding areas with only minor alterations. This can be easily seen in systems such as Rieki, Feng Shui and Chakras which are spread throughout these eastern countries, at times using different names, and with which Quartz can be used.

    Mining Quartz in these countries can be very ethical but may also be done very unethically. Tibet and Japan tend to treat the magority of their Quartz mining with great respect. While China and India do this as well it is more common however to find unethical mining practices there. Both India and Tibet, at times, mine quartz in a similar fashion as they do in Brazil. Healers in some instances still gather thier Quartz themselves there and make sure to identify the natural vibrations prior to collecting them.

    Cleaning Quartz in these lands is kept to the minimum for the most part. A wash in a local river or stream is all that is needed. Too much alteration of the Quartz is believed to alter thier natural vibrations.

    The storing and handling of crystals, for the most part, follows the philosophies of these cultures. When not in use the crystals are placed in prominent places within the dwelling. It is believed that thier vibrations should be left open and unhindered. In this way they help with the Feng Shui of the dwelling. At times even Quartz used for healing is left in the open free to be handled by everyone. The thought here is that the vibrations are helpful to all.

    Quartz Vibrations: In both Tibet and India as well as some areas of China and Japan the energy system sought within quartz is referred to as the crystal's specific vibration. All of these countries to some extent looked at the "purity" of Quartz and guaged this purity based on the vibration. None is better known than the "OM" vibration. In eastern belief "OM" is the essence of everything. It is the beginning from which all other vibrations emerge. It is believed that Tibetan Quartz contains a very powerful "OM" vibration. One aspect of vibration which was taken very seriously was the sound which was created by specific vibrations.This can be seen in the use of Tibetan Quartz Singing Bowls but more on this later.
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    Czechwoods guide of Stones for Rape Recovery

    The following is from Czechwoods. I'll probably be posting additional info. but feel free to add to this.

    Rosequartz is a very difficult stone in this situation and shouldnt be used exceedingly. It is true that it mends emotional fractions, but incest and rape are far more than your everyd ays broken heart. Rosequartz also sets up the pink glasses, and makes you feel all fuzzy, which s not what you need after incest/rape that much. you need a clear mind and no clouding even no positive one, so you can fully recover

    should be one major helper in any form of sexual abuse recovery. It too mends the heart but will not allow you to fall in some - must love my predator crap -


    green tourmaline
    a must have. no way around.

    additionally: red tourmaline (or pink)/rubelite if the father is part of the problem you are recovering from, or a father-like figure
    blue tourmaline/indigolite if the person i.question is mother/mother-like figure

    if the trauma makes itself noticable through ulcers or tumors, or if the memory of the incident is clouded/obscure - WATERMELON TOURMALINE

    to be used to learn to set boarders and have them respected. to not repeat behavior patterns that make it easy for the predators to victimize you. to find rest at nights

    teaches you to say no, when NO is needed. restaures emotional security and a natural shield against aggressions (stregthens the thyroid gland too, also against hashimoto disorder that can result from massive abuse trauma)
    it also heals the nerval ends, that through such trauma often can "break apart" - followingly invoking grave disorders like Fibromyalgy, MS, etc)

    if you feel attracted to emeralds, better refrain from using them and instead use the copper mineral DIOPTASE. a great heart and emotional healer that will not make you accept responsility for the well fare of everyone including your predator

    if you feel attracted to Rosequartz, substitute it by PETALITE. Its similar to rosequartz in healing capacities, yet sans the pink glasses filter.

    ther is a lot more to say, and i will, but that should be it for now.

    self esteem

    after molestation/rape, self esteem is a serious issue.

    to restore self esteem the 3rd chakra needs special attention. therefore yellow stones are the ones to help you out.

    anti depressions stone, can even battle suicidal tendencies, boosts self esteem and self love, helps you to get independant and free, both in mind and spirit.

    yet, the most importan thing about citrine is you must get natural citrine, not the burnt amethyst variety that is often sold as citrine, which i choose to call zitrine for clear distinguishing

    zitrine is one f the few stones, that shozuldnt be used in healings. it can inflit depressions, and you dont want to go there especially after rape/melestation. if in doubt, substitute citrine, so you dont carry the risk of getting the depressions causing zirine variety

    honey comb calcite
    the honey coloured, best transparent/translucent qualities (mainly from mexico) are the best choise when replacing citrine. additionally to citrines anti depressive powers, it also stabilizes you, ike giving you a (new) scelletton/structure. honey calcite is not only a self esteem booster but also a strong comforter; the veritable shoulder to lean on.

    both citrine and honey calcite give you a warmth. not nly emotionally but also on the body level. many rape/molestation/icest survivors will suffer from feeling cold easily. these two stones help you to warm up inside, and thus overcome this cold feeing inside. both stones help battle against nightmares and diffuse fears

    natural mix of amethys and citrine. main recources are brazil, bolivia and adagascar though it also appears in namibia, south africa and other regions
    ametrine is a stone against manic depressions and bi-polar dissorders. the citrine part teaches you the importance of yourself, your uniqueness and helps you out of depressions while the amethyst part teaches you to feel as part of the all, of niverse, restoring your connection to the devine. it will cool off manic attacks, teaching you humbleness without humiliation

    chrysoprase and lemmon chrysprase
    the apple green chrysoprase is a soft, tender but efficiant healer of low self esteem an depression issues. its rather incomplicated. helping you to see beauty in life, opening new pathways towards hapiness, towards the everydays miracles. it is like a summmerlands stone, the green pastues. nourishing, creating artisanship and creativity, imagination and the will to heal from within to without. it will help you to transform the trauma into a new level of living, of not being defined by the attrocities you went through (or that were done upon you) but to let lifes beauty transcendent you towards inner peace and (self)love.
    it is a stone for the solar plexus , the heart chakra and the chakras in between

    lemmon chrysoprase has a clearer tendency towards the manipura chakra (3) and additionally boosts the metabolism. As it consists in geat parts of nickel and magnesite, it will help detox your body on the material level as well as helping to dehydrate of too much water in your system. - weight/overweight issues are often consequences of sexual assault, the body building its own shield against prossecution.

    Amber and Copal
    should only be used in an advanced stage of rape/incest recovery. it does help a great deal with joints and bones troubles and infections - all of which can result from abuse - but, amber will help to gett ridd of old topics, also by manifesting hem in your memory and mind. This can be a very traumatic event in the process of recovery and throw you back for years. so amber, too, is a difficult stone to use in the first 3 stages (of 4) of overcoming rape etc.

    the negativity that comes into your life after and through the rape/molestation is obviously enourmous. its a matter of fact, that this negativity has its place. but the oison derriving from it can cause you more harm in the long run, than good.

    therefore dealing with and ridding of the negativity is such an important part in the recovery process. the stones discussed in the following might be helpful supporting these processes.

    before working with light, first try to wear off the dark

    Onyx. natural greyish back onyx
    Onyx is like a grounding stone for negativity overfow. many people using onyx will say, that it brings them down. and it is true, that is exactly what onyx is about. so if you dont have a need for onyx, many people will feel like this stone is a downer. a rape survivor on the other hand has such a negativity overflow, that onyx will be a good way to rid that surplus off quite effectively. additionally, onyx is a very good stone to set and keep borders, something that is sorely needed after such a violent act against the victims integrity

    Sardonyx. natural mix of sarder and onyx; black and white or brown-black-white (pic attached)
    apart from its capabilities to heal Tinitus, Sardonyx is a very effective stone in bringing forth the truth, especially in legal things. this comes handy when you know the predator and want to bring them to justice. Sardonyx is a strong protector stone, that too will ground negativity. It will also help restoring your sexuality - so the effects of abuse will not dictate all of your life

    Fortress Agate
    even more terrible than the sexual act within a rape is the feeling of woundability and helplessness, the loss of trust etc. A very effective stone to restore your capability of trust and overcome your helplessness is an agate variety, the so called fortress agate. as the name inclines, it helps you to build up a fortress around yourself, a place where you can feel safe and where you indeed are safe. It gives you the strength to redefine yourself by your own actions and talents, rather than being or becoming dependent by outside praise and approval - or even worse - by the predators judgements. Fortress agates arent over expensive and very common. Its rather the knowledge about these stones, that is missing within the community of stone lovers and dealers. most oreo agates from brazil, the so called fairy gardens or lucky geodes are in fact fortress agates.
    fortress agates also help you ground negativity and to redirect negativity that is foully brought upon you to mother earth; Mother Earth does so know how to treat people who send out negativity without eason or need....

    (Dyed) Sliced Agates
    like fortress agates, the agate slizes are a very effective ool to ward off negativity sent upon you from outside.
    brazilian agate is often colour enhanced/dyed. but in treating the aftermath of rape, these otherwise often looked bad upon dying methods come in handy.
    green and pink dyed agate slices will help restore your heart chakra from the assault. thus you can build p a solid and unbroken emotional life, with giving and receiving love
    blue dyed agate slices help your third eye, in recovering from the assault, so that you may learn to forgive yourself you had been victimized and that your foresight/instincts/intuition had "failed" you

    allways remember, the guilt is with the aggressor, not with the victim. you have NOT deserved this, you have NOT earned this, you have NOT provoked this, you have not attracted this. this is in NO WAY YOUR FAULT

    purple dyed agate slizes will help you restore a stable faith, a solid connection to the Universe/Devine. This way the aggressor will be made to fail with their wish to cut you from spiritual/Devine help. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. GODS HAVE NOT FORESAKEN YOU AND EVEN LESS PUNISHED YOU. there is no need and nothing to be gained from losing faith. these agates teach you to restore this connection to the devine with solid ground and the assurance that Universe/Devine is part of you and you are part of Universe/Devine - in spite of what you have suffered

    purple and pink dyed agates are rather rare, green and blue are much more common.

    Red Dyed/Color Enhanced/Burnt Agate not to be mistaken with carnelian !
    This dyed agate variety is a very strong helper, to just keep going. Sometimes surviving alone is the chalenge and an act of courage. But most rape survivors feel - obviously and for good reason - like they are sucked dry, suffering from fatigue and lethargy or even apathy. The Red Dyed Agate will oppose this. it gives you energy galore. It helps you to recreate the willpower to go on, to not mind what obstacles might arise. It will give you horsepower and very effectively too. Get up. Go on. Be Strong. Carry on. Go for it. You can do it. We will make it. You will make it ! Thats the spirit f red agate. The fire is within YOU

    Peace Agate (white agate)
    As the name sais, peace agate helps restoring peace within. It is one of he strongest comforting stones, it is one of he columns in treating of childeren battling multiple spirits disorders that too may be - but need not to - be a consequence of abuse/rape; such as ADD, Aspergy/Autism etc.
    Drinking water from peace agate, as well as using peace agate water to clean your body off of the filth of the rapists is greatly suggested and will give you a very much different feeling for yourself

    Black Tourmaline/Schoerl
    as stated in former posts. This stone will help a great deal. Imagine yur aura field was a field in the countryside wth a fruit tree on it. in a perfect world, no-one would steal your fruit. maybe someone would ass by, and take a few fruit, but they would leave an offering in exchange and most probably one of more value than that which they have taken. but a rape survivor knows this is not the perfect world. Rape Survivors have learned that some people will simply vandalize your field, burn down the tree just for their own twisted pleasure, that they will burn and devastate your field, regardless of right and wrong and get off at it even.
    therefore you need the black tourmaline schoerl, a stone tha would be like a fierceful guardian dog and an electrically charged barbed wire fence in the same time ! now, a possible intruder has to first overcome the fence, which isnt all tha easy anyway - and in doing so admits to be an intruder anyway, and than, if the fence fails, the guardian dog will either attack the intruder, in oderer to killing them or at least stop them, or - if all fails - to warn you from a possible danger.
    Black Tourmaline cannot protect you from rape - dont get me wrong, and read what i say. But it will help you to defend your aura shield and thus o heal, instead of becoming a vctim in all realms repeatedly and thus really destroying your core of existance.
    therefore black schoer tourmaline, preferably a double ending crystal is of such utmost importance in the recovery after sexual assault/rape/molestation and vampirism. period

    smokey quartz & morion
    morion = very dark smokey quartz. make sure you have natural stones and not artificially radiated ones. if you are offered smokey quartz from arkansas beware. most of that material is altered by radiation inflicted by man

    Smokey quartz helps you to understand the ununderstandable, to get a grip n that which is more than you can handle. It is also a stone that will slowly dissolve negativity, especially the kind that is stuck in the 2nd chakra, where we understand our place in society or other important groups. Rape destroys any natural feeling of belonging, fitting and knowing what is best for you weithin groups of people. rape victims often are looked upon as sociophobes, anti-socials or "strange", while in fact they have to deal with one of the worst atrocities (if mot the worst) in humans and are even blamed for not coping right. Its like a punishment after the suffering. Smokey quartz helps you to resove, dissolve that which is way too much to handle. Liek a friendly janitor, who is showing you around in a theater, making you understand, that the thunder and lightnings are not true, but just a man made illusion, tha the horrifying beings on stage maybe are just very nice people who wear a mask and in a play. who will show you the lies, the illusions and often even the real villains. But still holding your hand, not overwhelming you, and standing by your side whenever you halt, thinking you cant go on.

    peridot aka chrisolite aka olivine
    peridot most often is used for the fine (jewelry) chrystals, while olivine refers to the rough material, for example found in auvergne, france or lanzarote , spain which are consisiting of tiniest crystal masses. chrysolite refers to both. any form can be used for healings as decribd in this thread
    Chrisolite is a seemingly tender yet very powerful healer of the 3-4-3 chakra region, connecting love and self love. this stne will also help you to get past troubles with your parents, both mother and father. it reinsttalls your inner sun, your strength to shine on, indeppendently from whatever bad feeling your parents may have (tried to) installed within. Peridot makes you feel good about yourself. It explains you how precious you are in fact. How important you are in the universe. that no-one has the right ever to wak upon you. Peridot is a great comfoter too, listening to your sorrow and helping you to transform it into strength to carry on. Peridot also powers up/recharges your inner battery so you dont feel drained and energy-dried - it helps against fatigue, lethargy, apathy and CF syndrome

    prehnite - comes mostly from india (green) and australia (green to yellow) - some finds are also in south africa
    Prehnite, will help in the chakra 4-3 region; alike peridot restoring love and self love. It can help you boost your self esteem, the dep understanding of how your love is a very important power source.
    Many people suffer from obesity, due to a rape/molestation event; the fat built up as a double sides shield. On the one hand the layers to protect you from harm, on the other hand a way becomng "ugly" = nattractive , possibly untouchable. But too much fat of course imposes great health issues and problems for the body: blood cholesterol, blood pressure, heart diseases, the bones and joints etc suffer with you., in the long run, this strategy forms against yourself - and you have little to no gain from obesity. Prehnite is the antidote here, working against both sides of the wrong shield: asuring you of your attraction (that is NEVER connected to attraction of rape etc) and by firing up your metabolism and fat burning capabilities. Prehnite additionally is a good stone to help yourself be protected from skin demage through the sun - but please do still use sun-blockers with it !

    precious serpentine (aka 'new ''jade''') - the term new jade is confusing. because precious serpentine looks alot like a form of jade, this name has been attached to it, as a trade name. but it is not jade. nontheless its a very powerful healing stone, and needs not to be looked down upon
    Precious Serpentine is a strong detox stone. It will help your body to detox from toxins, also those from medication use or even drug abuse. These issues often accompany the victims and suvivors of molestation, and therefore a detoxing of your system is inevitable and necessary for any healing. Additionally the molestation act itself is a poison to your system that needs to be faced and made go away. Precious Sepentine is also connected o the chakras 3 & 4, thats why this stone is more recommeded than its silbling serpentine, a darker green variety that conects to the heart chakra mainly. In addition Serpentine detoxes also over he skin, thus making you more confortable in you body in the long run. The skin is one of he mostly exposed bodyparts, and one where the contact with the molstor has started; therefore skin issues and skin healing i such an important topic. Not few rape survivors develop skin irritation disorders such as neurodermites, itchy skin, exems etc. BE WARNED though, that during the detox phases such irritations may become a stronger issue. As the toxins are leaving your body through the skin, these disorders may become stronger. If that happens, it is wise NOT o use potions and cortisone products to make the itch go away. Homeopathical treatements and potions, that help/fasten the detox process are better in this case. You dont want to cover up anymore. You dont want to suppress anymore. You want it to g out and away and be gone, thats why these irritations should be gone through regardless.

    Above mentioned Peridot possibly in combination with Amber and Green Aventurine, in heavy cases also combined with Blue Aventurine Quartz will help you to suffer less and have the skin recover faster.

    Any Serpentine variety will also help you to adapt to situations, new situations without falling into the tra of acceptence. THERE IS NOTHING TO ACCEPT ABOUT MOLESTATION: IT IS WRONG AND EVER WILL BE! yet you will have to learn to adapt to all those situations imposed to you after such a traumatic event. The Serpentine help will therefore come in handy
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    Re: Czechwoods guide of Stones for Rape Recovery

    Another very important Serpentine variety after molestation is Chytha Serpentine - a variety that is most often found in south america: peru, brazil etc
    Chyttha has extraordinary powers in addition to the detoxing and adapting qualities of Serpentine in general. It is one of the strongest helpers against Depressions, Melancholy, even suicidal tendencies. If you are battling against any of those lattre mentioned disorders, due to Rape/Molestation anyway - Chyttha will become a good friend of yours. It will help you get out of the debriss left behind by the agressor and the bystanders. It will teach you to embrace life and joy instead of becoming the zomby your aggressors would have liked making of you. By overcoming the abyss you had been thrown into, you will become a living victory - thus sustaining and repowering your life batteries. You will not loger be defined by the aggressors power tripps but by your own unique power, real power to live and rejoice.

    yellow australian agate (a rare find) - i only have a small batch of those, and never have come across any since my first buy of them 7 years ago. they are exceptional and very unique.
    Yellow Agate from australia combines the grounding and negativity defeating qualities of agate with the 3rd (manipura) chakra, the solar plexus. Your inner sun shines forth. It is unshakable. Anybody (that includes youself) mustnt try to shatter this holy, sacred place, your inner sun. This stone restores a great deal of might have been shattered. It simply installs a new institution of power within. It is not as bright and illuminating as say honey calcite or citrine, but it has a souvereignity and stability attached to it, that makes up for the lack of shining. It is like the very core of the sun. Less rediant but more strong and sustaining. In some cases, where the self esteem of a victim has been almost erased, yellow australian agate will be the answer on how to reinstall the work of the solar plexus chakra. by being less rediant, it will not be oposed by the inner "demons" of 'i aint worth no sh!t'. Agate will bannish those feelings - mercilessly - and give you a sceletton, a column, a walking cane until the chakra has learned again to function accordingly to its original creation. Aftre that, other - more radiant stones can be incorporated, and later can even replace the yellow australian agate variety. But there, where all hope seems lost regarding the Solar Plexus Chakra, yellow australian agate is inevitable and hard to be substituted.

    tree agate - not to be mistaken with moss agate - tree agate is mainly quartz with inclusions. tree agate is not translucent but opaque. Mainly t is mined in India, but is to be found worldwide as well. I have experieced that over the past decade, the variety of tree agte has lessened, and prices slowly start picking up, a clear sign that minable qualities are sinking atm. It is still no overpriced stone and affordable to most people.
    Tree agate corresponds mainly to the Heart Chakra (anahata/4). It helps the breathing system and is a strong helper against asthma, allergic asthma, bronchites as well as other respiratory difficulties, including snoring, reoccuring sinuiteses etc. Tree agate helps to restore the fine bronches, which is equaly important for smokers and people living in urban areas.
    Suffocation issues, waking up catching breath etc are often connected to traumatic molestations as well as to these very perverse cases, where aggressors had joy in suffocation of the victim before or during the rape. also the attempts of aggressors so the victims could not scream often impose later respiration difficulties upo the victims. Here tree agate will also be a very fond and dedicated helper. Not only in healing whatever might be "broken" through these events but also by restoring a feeling of security and connectedness to Mother Earth and her peoples.
    tree agte faciliates communication with the Earthen people (elves, goblins,fairies etc) but it also helps you to grow back self esteem, deeply from within. Tree agate will take care of your inner gardening skills, the harbouring of joy and love and connection with all other "trees" out there.
    Additionally - as the SteinElfe (stoneelf) sais: Tree agte teaches you, that you too are like a tree. You have roots, genes, education maybe roots anyway, that are like a setting, and you have a trunk, grow out these roots - thats what you do, with your attitude towards life - but you also have he branches, reaching up to the skies and achieving any goal you wish to achieve

    To restore your feeling of security is utmost important in the recovery of rape/molestation. Some stones now mentioned will be repetition posts but they are such tremendous helpers that they fit in several categories of help and should therefore not e forgotten - so bear with me/it.

    Black Tourmaline/Schorl
    as stated in former posts. This stone will help a great deal. Imagine yur aura field was a field in the countryside wth a fruit tree on it. in a perfect world, no-one would steal your fruit. maybe someone would come by, and take a few fruit, but they would leave an offering in exchange and most probably one of more value than that which they have taken. but a rape survivor knows this is not the perfect world. Rape Survivors have learned that some people will simply vandalize your field, burn down the tree just for their own twisted pleasure, that they will burn and devastate your field, regardless of right and wrong and get off at it even.
    therefore you need the black tourmaline schoerl, a stone tha would be like a fierceful guardian dog and an electrically charged barbed wire fence in the same time ! now, a possible intruder has to first overcome the fence, which isnt all tha easy anyway - and in doing so admits to be an intruder anyway, and than, if the fence fails, the guardian dog will either attack the intruder, in oderer to killing them or at least stop them, or - if all fails - to warn you from a possible danger.
    Black Tourmaline cannot protect you from rape - dont get me wrong, and read what i say. But it will help you to defend your aura shield and thus o heal, instead of becoming a victim in all realms repeatedly and thus really destroying your core of existance.
    therefore black schoer tourmaline, preferably a double ending crystal is of such utmost importance in the recovery after sexual assault/rape/molestation and vampirism. period

    Red / Pink Rubellite Tourmaline
    if the father is part of the problem you are recovering from, or a father-like figure. This stone also applies, if there is a problem from the assumption or fact, that a fatherly figure did not intervene, notice that such things were going on. Rubelite additionall will help you gather strength, and harbour also feelings of romance regardless your trauma

    Blue Indigolite Tourmaline
    if the person i.question is mother/mother-like figure or, as above (see rubelite/father) has let these things happen without noticing or helping. Indigolite will additionally grant you creativity, whih can prove to be very helpful in overcoming your trauma through fine arts, singing, acting etc

    Green Verdelite Tourmaline
    As mentioned before, Verdelite is one of the major stones to use. Not only will it heal your heart both on organic level (if heart beat issues derrive from the rauma) but also on the metaphorical(emotional) plain. Green Tourmaline is very effective in healings, streight to the point, all paths used. Yet i doesnt feel like it was heavy or dictating at all. People working with green tourmaline describe it to be very soft and tender. This is one of the major strengths of Verdellite actually. You dont notice how much, how effectively, how multidimensionally it is bringing you further, it is reprogramming your being. It will help you attune to natural (mother earth) energies, will help to erase those patterns of guilt and guilt tripping/guilt riding attitudes so deeply installed throughout the atrocities of incest/molestation/rape etc. Additionally to its heart and heart chakra connection (CH4) Verdelite helps the recovery of nerves, thus treating tremolo (shaking), altzheimer, parkinson, demens... disorders, as well as Multiple Scleroses, Fatigue, Fibromyalgy and neuological pains. (also Migraines, Epi Lepsy etc) Verdelite also supports recovery from bi-polar, skizzophrenia, borderline... disorders, along with ADD, Aspergies, Authism - especially if these are connected to a molestation trauma. Verdelite will also help you to overcome (related) panic attacks, sociophobia and a mulitude of neurotic behaviours and fears. It will improve recovery through a good sleep, bannishing nightmares and insomnia that comes from the fear of what the night might bring (as in molestation). THEREFORE THIS STONE IS A MUST HAVE

    Brown Dravite Tourmaline
    This variety of Tourmaline is often forgotten, although it is of outstanding qualities. There are quite a few people, who will not correspond to the black tourmaline stone. Not only is BLACK often looked down upon and some healing traditions disregard any use of black in healings. Also some people just dont like the black stones. Especially in correspondence to rape/incest/molestation, sometimes the link between "it happened in the dark" / "blackmailing was involved" (Agressor: 'if you tell anyone i will ....') to black stones will cause a kind of allergy to such stones. Here the brown dravite variety comes in very handy. Although some crystals may apear to be black, most already have a yellowish/brown touch on the outside, and some are translucent even. Many Dravite specimen are single or even doubly terminated crystals, thus adding to their healing capacities quite effectively. Dravite, alike Schoerl, protects your aura and restores the feeling of security. It feels a lot ike a warm scarf around your neck, when you are wearing Dravite necklaces. Additionally to protecting you it emits warmth and offers a lot of comfort. More so, it helps you (through its ch.2 connection) to find your place in society, to find out how you can fit in anyway, regardless the trauma you have to overcome.

    Green Jade, Nephrite
    Jade from British Columbia, Nephrite or imperial Jade count as green jade varieties. Please note, that due to its preciousness and rareness, many similar looking tones have been named jade, but they are not, and therefore shouldnt be mistaken for it. The Innuit in Canada/Alaska use a green-blackish stone for carvings; this one is - to my knowledge - not jade, but also called canadian jade, the chinese or new jade in fact is serpentine, the african jade is green african prasem/jasper/buddstone etc etc. The A-quality aventurine is used to immitate Imperial Jade quite effectively too. Therefore ask for Nephrite best. Nephrite is a kind of Jade that will not only carry the Jade vibes but add some very helpful energies along the way.
    Nephrite/Jade is a very protective stone. Alike Verdelite tourmaline it has a main connection to the Anahata Heart Chakra (4). But Jade is also like Black Tourmaline a protector of the whole of the aura, and will enhance the work of any chakra alltogether. Jade was believed by many cultures to absorb negativity and to deflect evil. It was used during centuries as a lucky charm against any form of disaster or evil, as protection from harm and evil spirited people alike. It is also a protective stone for wealth, property, the habitats, your animals, horses (now cars) etc. This multitude of proection does make its rather high price well worth the money. It is like an investition in your very bodyguard. Jade is a protector of the inner organs: heart, stomac, intestines, and Liver. Nephrite (greek nephros: kidney) additionally helps the whle urinary system: kidneys, urinary "tubes" for lack of better english, prostata etc. It is used to enhance and protect the reproductive sexual organs, both inside and outside (i know, TMI). Both Nephrite and Jade that is. and they both will help with sexual disorders, against pains during intercourse and the mestrual circle etc - all of which are quite common after molestation/rape etc

    Especially women experiencing diffficulties in: conceiving, intercourse, orgasm, frigidity and overactive libido etc as well as menstrual problems, heavy pains, nausea (esp related to this topic) should try using Lavender Jade (but make sure you get what you wanted; lavender jade too is simulated by ainted/dyed whatever stones, serpentines, or lavender quartz)

    ok just in case anyone misses the point of this thread. You shouldn't rely totally on Crystals and stones for rape recovery. You should seek professional support and a rape support group. Also sometimes rape recovery can take a lifetime to recover.

    Also Rhodocrosite is a good stone for sending offensive energy to the rapist. Mainly the one of the deep red variety. This is a stone that should not be used lightly as it's a powerful stone. As in general the dark variety is used for capture,banishment and sacrifice.

    green tourmaline is a heart healer,but not as much as rose quartz where it can give high amounts of happiness. Although in some accounts rose quartz can help with rape and child molestion issues.

    Also confirming with the it reminds there IS no such thing as dirty.

    A chrsophase necklace was proven to be effective in child molestation healings.

    one site that can be helpful is RISE(Rape Incest & Suicide Education)
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    Re: Wolfsong's Quartz formations & Properties.

    Quartz Purity: Purity was in large part based on the clarity of the quartz, fractures within as well as inclusions. Inclusions played a big role and varied greatly. Today Quartz from Madagascar is used frequently in eastern techniques. This is in large part due to the wonderful included Quartz coming from there which lends itself perfectly to these styles of work.

    Feng Shui: This is the Chinese art of building using the natural energies of the earth to enhance the living environ. A similar system is also used in India and Japan. The first step of this is to seek out natural earth energies which lend themselves to enhancing human habitats. It is believed rivers, valleys, mountains and all other land formations play a part, both positively and negatively, in the way energies interact with human habitats. Once building is complete natural objects such as quartz can be used to farther enhance these energies.
    Feng Shui is a study unto itself and Quartz used in conjunction with this system can lead to amazing harmonizing energies within your living and working environs.

    Reiki: Reiki is the Japanese art of using pressure points to treat stress and help the body to relax which in turn promotes healing. Similar techniques are used throughout eastern countries. The word Reiki comes from two Japanese words, Rei which means "God's Wisdom or Higher Power" and Ki which means "Life Force Energy". It teaches us that all life is infused with energy and it is when this energy is low that the body is more likely to feel stress which in turn may lead to sickness. More and more today people are adding the energies of Quartz to this healing technique. Specific crystals' frequencies are used to enhance these energy flows. Although some feel that the addition of Quartz in this technique is a modern development there are hints of it in the past.

    Chakras: Chakra work and Reiki go hand in hand and some treat the two systems as one. They do however have different origins so I will address them seperately here.
    Work with Chakras has evolved tremendously in the last 40 years. Today there are more systems than than one can ever hope to learn and some differ drastically. Even the number of Chakras vary but most systems deal with seven primary Chakras while acknowledging secondary Chakras. This, like both of the systems mentioned above, is a study unto itself but like the systems mentioned above this one as well can be supplimented with the use of Quartz to enhance energy flow. Using Quartz in this system is not new and other minerals may be used as well. Once again the use of Quartz vibrations are used to enhance energy flow.

    The one commonality in the above three systems is the use of specific vibrations in Quartz to assist in the flow of specific energies within the human body as well as the environs in which we work and live.

    Tibetan Quartz Singing Bowls: These bowls are designed to vibrate at specific frequencies which in turn create specific sound waves to assist in meditation, astral travel and healing. Sound, for healing and meditation, has been used for thousands of years in the far east and its techniques are still practiced today with amazing success.

    Tibetan Singing Crystals: These are Quartz crystals which, when lightly tapped together, create a vibration which in turn creates a sound wave which has a calming/harmonizing effect on people which in turn stimulates meditation and healing. There is a picture of two of these in a prior post in this thread.

    Although I do use Quartz from the above cultures in my work and do incorporate these vibrations into my work as well I do not know enough about any of the above systems to go more deeply into them. The exception would be Feng Shui which in one form or another is used by cultures world-wide. The above information, like most information given in this thread, is here to hopefully awaken an inner guide within you. If this is the case I encourage you to seek out and delve deeper into these paths

    - - - Updated - - -

    OK so here's something from Czechwoods.(see his stones on rape recovery thread)

    " too do see male and female in crystals, but have learned that the point tops /\ are male and the flat points/ - \ are female, regardless of quartz kind. so there can be male/female clear, snow, amethyst, citrine etc quartzes - which does make more sense too.

    it also does go accord with the energy emittance of the crystals (male=direct, outgoing; female, indirect, incoming)

    so male is \/ this and female is \_/ that

    which works excellently with the stones. note that the flat side is far m,ore rare than the pointy one (there is more boys than gals, lol) which also affects the price range for a female stone (higher, usually) but worth every dime.

    if you get the chance, lay down, and place a stone in a way, so it points to you with its natural tip

    the male energy will be felt faster, tinglier, maybe even uncomfy at times, while the female vibe is more distinguished, harder to feel actually. its more diffuce, and gives off a calming one

    i know in germany people devide rose-quartz in two categories, the crystaline rose quartz your picture shows, is called pink quartz, while rose-quartz refers to the clustery growing masses of the pink quartz variety
    the cluster rose quartz indeed has a more diffuse vibe, while the points should be directly to the points. as the crystalline structure i´s by far more rare /and therefor expensive) i have not had the chance to work with crystals of pink quartz myself yet. but fromn what i read and heard from people who were more fortunate in this field, it has a slightly different vibe

    i myself have experienced rtosequartz differences from different origins so far.

    the Namibian rose quartz clusters are my favorites when it comes to fighting off of computer/monitors/water veins and other radiation , as they are very diffuse. also when treating animals and children (who tend to be more sensitive to stones and where a overdoing can easily happen) i prefer rough rosequARTZ clusters from Namibia

    when it comes to to-the-point-healing though, or problems that need a more focused work, the Madagascar quality of rough rose quartz clusters is best.

    Brazil's rose quartz unfortunately often is color enhanced and dyed therefore i only take this variety in jewelry, or polished forms, and take the rough stones brother from Africa

    - - - Updated - - -

    Cut, Tumbled, Polished and/or Treated Quartz

    Tumbled Quartz: The oceans, lakes and rivers where the first tumblers of stones and no doubt influenced our ancesters' view of the mineral world around them. Rounded stones and stones with holes in them have caught the human eye since the beginning.
    Today we have tumblers which do in weeks what it takes mother earth thousands of years to do. Tumbling stones has become a hobby for young and old alike and tumbled stones are used throughout the metaphysical community for everything from divination to healing and everything in between.
    Tumbled Quartz, for the most part, comes from rock quartz which has been broken down to a certain size and then tumbled. The process usually takes about one month to complete with the Quartz going through three to four stages of tumbling using a finer grit each time to progressively round and smooth out the Quartz.
    Tumbled Quartz carries all the energies attributed to that specific type of Quartz. (clear quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, smokey quartz, citrine and many other varieties of quartz, including included quartz, can be found tumbled). Tumbled Quartz, or any tumbled stone for that matter, is thought of by many to be more convenient to carry around and makes the perfect "pocket stone" seeing that its smooth rounded shape is not as abrasive on cloths, skin, or anything it may come into contact with during one's daily routines. Its size as well lends itself to be easily carried.
    Although tumbled Quartz does carry the same energies as its natural counterpart the energies of tumbled Quartz, and natural rock Quartz alike, are thought by many to be more defused compared to a crystal's more focused and concentrated energies. This makes them ideally suited for emotional work as well as surrounding oneself with a desired energy which, again, lends itself perfectly to the pocket stone concept. Crystals on the other hand are more suited to direct work on a specific issue at a set period of time. Crystals can however be used in the same ways as tumbled Quartz is used whereas tumbled Quartz does not lend itself easily to the type of work mentioned above for crystals.

    Quartz Cabochons: This is a type of Quartz which has been cut, ground and polished to a shape which lends itself to be mounted in some sort of frame and then used as jewelry. The same information given above for tumbled Quartz holds true for cabochons as well. Cabochons are ideally suited for people who have felt a natural long term attraction to a certain mineral which one wishes to carry with them at all times. Birthstones, charm braclets, and family stone bracelets all come to mind. This same concept when implimented using a metaphysical mindset is used by many to create powerful tools.

    Cut & Polished Points and Wands: These crystals are highly prized by some on frowned on by others. To understand these mindsets one must understand the process taking place when they are made. These points and wands are created at times from rock Quartz and at times from Quartz crystals. To know from which a particular point or wand was created goes a long way in revealing its energies. Simply put all Quartz grows and as it does it creates a crystaline structure which influences its energy patterns in regards to all aspects of frequency. When rock Quartz is cut commercially into points and/or wands the crystaline structure does not come into play. This will at times mean that even though the crystaline structure of it may run horizontally the point or wand shape may well be cut vertically. The odds of the cut and the structure matching is very slim and as such the point or wand becomes very difficult, if not impossible, to use when trying to direct energies.
    At other times points and wands are cut from crystals which are highly damaged or in cases where the manufacturer wants to highlight interior structures within the crystal if the crystal is unusually cloudy or again, excessively damaged. These polished points or wands often highlight amazing phantoms and/or inclusions. In the vast magority of cases these crystals exhibit the same energies as other crystals of thier kind.
    If one is able to determine from which source the point or wand was manufactured one can easily determine for what uses that particular point or wand is best suited. Both have thier places within the metaphysical community if one takes the time to study thier energies and apply them correctly. An obvious example of this would be Rose Quartz obolisks, points and wands. Rose Quartz cut into these forms comes from massive Rose Quartz (massive referring to its structure having formed into a mass and not into a crystal structure). These manufactured formations, when used properly, can add to an environment's energy in a very constructive way. They also lend themselves well to emotional work and some find them very useful for working with the chakras.
    Before starting any work with these formations take the time to aquaint yourself with its energies and find out as much as you can about its manufacturing process. If this is done these manufactured formations can become trusted helpers in your work.

    Heat Treated Amethyst (Citrine): Natural Citrine gets its coloration due to small amounts of Iron impurities within the crystal structure (approximately 40 parts per million). The difference between Citrine and Amethyst is only the state at which the Iron impurities within the Quartz exist. If one subjects Amethyst to heat it will reduce the oxidation state of the Iron impurities thereby changing the coloration from purple (Amethyst) to a yellow reddish-orange (Citrine) all the way to green or colorless depending on the original oxidation state as well as the amount and duration of the heat applied. The process can also be reversed by irradiation. The heating process explained above can take place both naturally and synthetically. Once the process has taken place it cannot be determined if it was achieved through a natural or synthetic process.
    Synthetic Citrine contains all the properties of natural Citrine. Some will argue however that synthetic Citrine's energies are much more unstable to work with and not as clearly defined. Some feel this can be addressed by spending time to program the Citrine as well as helping the energies stablize themselves. Others feel that the energies of natural Citrine are more refined, purified and harmonized due to the millions of years it took to create. Although opinions differ most agree that with the rarity of natural Citrine, synthetic Citrine is a good substitute if the natural material is not available. Most also agree that although the synthetic product is readily available, investing in a natural Citrine specimen is well worth it if one becomes available.

    Aura Quartz: This type of Quartz can be divided into several types including Aqua Aura (gold and quartz), Aurora (titanium and quartz), Opal Aura (platinum and quartz), Colalt Aura (cobalt and quartz) and others. In all cases molecules of one mineral are fused on to Quartz using an electrical charge to permanently fuse the two together. Since only electricity is used very little if any heat is produced thus maintaining the integrity of the Quartz. In all cases the Quartz takes on the properties of the molecules which have been fused to it as well as maintaining its own properties. For some this process forms very powerful tools for thier work. Others feel, much like in the case of synthetic Citrine, that altering Quartz in this manner makes its energies unstable and clouded at times. As with synthetic Citrine most however feel that if natural combinations of the above are not available and if proper proceedures are followed to stablize and harmonize the energies this process makes for suitable alternatives which are much more readily available.

    Massive Quartz

    This type of Quartz normaly forms as Quartz veins with no crystal structuring visible to the naked eye. This type of Quartz is most often used for tumbling. Massive Quartz finds its form in all varieties of Quartz and may also be included with any other type of mineral. As such the properties listed for each of the different types of Quartz apply to massive Quartz as well.
    This type of Quartz lends itself best for working with emotions as well as for helping to create certain energies for living and working environments. They are especially well suited for Aura and Chakra work. It tends to help create a harmonizing atmosphere as its energies are a lot more subtle that Quartz crystals.

    I have found that when using these stones in the same manner as the Japanese use Suiseki the energies they create are unmatched by any other Quartz or mineral if the energies are properly matched.

    Suiseki means sui - water, seki - stone and is the art of using naturally shaped stones to enhance the energies of particular environs. These saught after energies may differ from area to area depending on the function of a particular area. Suiseki may be classified by one or a combination of the following: shape, place of origin, surface patterns, texture or color. Three more basic groupings would be object stones (stones which look like man-made objects or resemble animals, humans, birds or fish), pattern stones (stones with distinctive patterns, textures, coloration or mineral inclusions) or Scenic stones (stones resembling mountains, caves, islands or other natural topography).

    Massive Quartz which can be looked at from the above perspective and its energies applied using the art of Suiseki are truely one of nature's most profound energies to work with. Having just one such piece in your home can have a truely harmonizing effect for everyone within it.

    Massive Quartz, either natural or tumbled, arranged and crafted in a way to create a fountain for your home can as well have a great harmonizing effect. The combination of both Quartz and water may create a very peaceful atmosphere. Add to this the sound of flowing water and any environ's energies will be enhanced.

    Massive Quartz of any type truely is a gift from nature. Not confined to a crystalized structure its subtle energies flow freely from it in all directions ready to enhance the aura of any being or the energy of any environ.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Faden Quartz: These are crystals which contain a clearly visible milky line within. They normally occur within tabby crystals but do on rare occasions appear in normal crystals.

    They assist one in astral travel or dream work as well as help provide physical, mental and emotional stability. They promote flexibility and can also assist one in finding a partner on the physical plane. It is believed that the line represents growth and can assist in helping one activate or start new growth within themselves or within others. They tell us that growth can happen in any direction and one need not follow what others consider to be the practical avenue. They are ideally suited for past life regression work as well as work involving looking into the future.

    Chakra: All

    Fenster Quartz: "Fenster" is German for window and this type of quartz contains "windows" into the crystal. These are areas where the crystal seems to have stopped forming creating a cavity "window" in one or more faces or at times on the shaft.

    These crystals are ideal for meditation, dream-work, spirit journeys, astral travel, past life regression work, and out of body travel in any form. A fenster crystal teaches us that time is no linear. Past, present and future all exist in the now. These crystals open windows for us to seek out knowledge from any time or dimension. These truely are powerful tools for anyone who practices journeying in any form.

    Chakra: All

    Scanner Crystal: These crystals have one or more flat sides and they truely live up to thier name of scanner.

    These crystals when properly worked with are wonderful healing tools. They allow one to scan the body to seek out what is wrong. They then store the information for later retrieval. Thier flat point allows for amazing vibrational healing to take place when used to project healing energies. These crystals are also considered to be female whereas pointed crystals are considered to be male.

    Chakra: All

    Amethyst Flowers: Originally these were crystals which grew in a radiating patter laying almost flat to create a flower pattern. Later some called slices of Amethyst geodes with a cavity in the middle and crystals encircling the cavity flowers as well. Today, most Amethyst formations resembling a flower go by this name. Pictured below is an original Amethyst flower and it is the properties of this formation which I will address here.

    Along with all the properties of Amethyst this formation truely is a stone of love, healing and blessings. It aids one in forgiveness of both oneself and others and is also used to discover one's life purpose. This is a wonderful formation to use in harmonizing one's chakras and bringing peace to every level of consciousness. Earth meditations are greatly enhanced when using this formation as is any work involving restoring peace to any living being.

    Chakra: All
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    Re: Wolfsong's Quartz formations & Properties.

    Fairy Clusters: These are Quartz clusters comprised of very fine, delicate, bright crystals.

    The closeness of these crystals creates an energy which assists one in understanding others when working with them closely or when one shares living space with others. It teaches us understanding. This is a great cluster to have at work if your work space is confined with little or no space and/or no windows. They help create a harmonizing atmosphere under all of these conditions as well as within large families. Due to thier small and delicate structure the energies emitted are delicate and refined creating a "fairy" energy. When used with chakras these crystals cleanse and dissipate unwanted energies.

    Chakra: All

    Citrine: Citrine ranges in color from golden yellow to amber, to reddish brown.

    It has been called the "merchant's stone" because it is said to increase and maintain wealth. It helps one overcome emotional problems and helps to cleanse the aura. It helps create solid relationships both on the personal and professional level. It is one of few stones which can hold no negative energies and for that reason never needs cleansing. It helps to stimulate endurance and focus and dispells anger. It also helps overcome intellectual problems. Citrine stimulates the crown chakra and activates, opens and energizes the naval and solare plexus chakras.

    Cathedral Lightbrary: This citrine cluster also has the formation of a cathedral which means a main point surrounded by smaller, upright castling terminations as well as lightbrary which means the crystals shows "gateways" which allow you inside.

    These crystals are said to carry the sacred Akashic records in the "language of Light". They are energy conduits for communication with the universe and allow us through thier doorways to access this universal wisdom. They are the crystals of evolution. They help us understand depression, anxiety and teach us patience and trust. They are bringers of abundance, prosperity and good luck.

    Kundalini Quartz: Citrine from the Congo is sometimes referred to as Kundalini Quartz. It is said to activate the Kundalini energy upwards in a snake like or DNA Helix like pattern. Working from the base chakra it rises to the 8 chakra above the crown. It opens and then helps one to move forward from any previously blocked chakras.

    The piece pictured below is from the Congo.

    Chakra: All

    Lodolite (Garden/Scenic) Quartz: This is a type of quartz which contains inclusions of many possible types and colors creating the look of gardens, landscapes or watery scenes.

    These crystals enhance communication with different realms and hieghten one's spiritual energies. It is also commonly used to bring the proper energies into play to help bring into effect the manifestations of one's desires. It brings love, peace and gentleness into one's life. It is primarily used with the crown chakra.

    Chakra: Throat, Heart, Sacral, Solar Plexus

    Angel Quartz: White, pink and/or light red amphibole, limonite, kaolinite and/or hematite inclusions are what gave this Quartz its name.

    These crystals are rare and considered to be "stones of power". They bring the strength, virtility and exuberance of youth into one's life as well as tranquility and emotional clarity. This crystal is all about bringing peace, grounding and harmony into your life so that your energies are always at thier peek when needed. The one pictured below has a beautiful white phantom and is filled with calming pastel colors.

    Chakra: Crown, Third Eye

    Anthraxolite Quartz: These are unique cystals which contain decomposed organic matter (carbon).

    Although not widely used they do provide us with unique energies. These crystals are wonderful tools for past life regression. Along with this they remind us that death is not the end but only a transition. They help with easing the pain of loss when one looses a close friend or family member. For healing these make great tools for any blood disorders.

    Chakra: Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart

    Curved Crystals: These are crystals with bends in them. At times they can be very pronounced and at times they are subtle.

    Some feel this curve is caused by uneven energy streams within the crystal during its growth causing one side to grow faster than the other. This curving provides for the aligning of all bodies of existance both singularly as well as with one another. This is an extremely powerful healing tool allowing one to balance energy flows throughout the body to establish a healthy and balanced system. This extends to the meridians and nervous system as well. This crystal teaches us that anything is possible if one doesnt limit oneself to what is "accepted" and is willing to explore and venture down paths not commonly travelled by others. It is within these boundry areas and these forks in the road where true insight and wisdom can be found if one is willing to explore beyond what is commonly accepted.

    Chakra: All

    I've heard of Gwindel Quartz as well. Its absolutely beautiful but, like you, I have never worked with it or even seen a piece up close. I have seen pictures on the web though. One person I know who has a piece says its abilities are the same as curved quartz which makes sense. Alpine quartz however does seem to have some unique qualities.

    Girasol Quartz: Girasol Quartz has a vitreous translucency which looks like light passing through a thin veil.

    This is a stone of gentle yet powerful energies considered to be a feminine lunar energy. It can enhance and mirror feelings which makes it ideal for visualization, dreamwork, or any spirit journeys. Girasol enhances all aspects of creativity as well as communication skills including helping one express thoughts which you have been holding back. It allows on to look at things and gain clarity in regards to situations thereby allowing us to make wise choices. If carved into a ball shape or even if using a large natural chunk this makes for a great scrying tool. For healing it is helpful for metabolic disorders and fatigue.

    Chakra: Crown, Thid Eye, Heart

    Lemurian Seed Crystals: These crystals are recognized by the horizontal markings on one or more sides and/or faces of the crystal which usually leads to a tapering of the crystal.

    These are crystals for opening the heart. They assist in putting one in touch with the purity of innocent emotions and to enhance intuitive gifts. They are used to remove energy blockages as well as to help circulation of energies. Used for communication to gain access to universal truths as well as wisdom from higher beings these crystals help in meditation and dreamwork.

    The one pictured below comes from the original pocket found and has the pink hue. It is also accompanied by a small Lemurian remote meaning the main crystal is a hub. The markings on the side are referred to as feather keys. These are places where other Lemurian Seed Crystals grew and came into contact with the Crystal.

    Chakra: All

    Lithium Quartz: This has become one of the most talked about included Quartz in recent times. It has a very high healing and balancing energy and is said to be self-clearing and self-cleansing. Lithium Quartz is a heart healing crystal which is said to help relieve stress, anxiety, and tension while binging balance, calmness, and peace. Excellent for children, and adults alike, to use at the end of the day in order to become calm and centered before dreamtime. It works in a gentle yet powerfully methodical way which does not cause discomfort due to sudden change. Along with being a great meditative tool it is also said to purify water. A crystal of release, it allows us to let go of a desired outcome when it is clear it wont manifest. This is one of the best crystals for dealing with mental or emotional disorders. Lithium is capable of activiating and balancing all chakras and is useful for working with individual chakras as well. This crystal's true abilities shine through over the long term and as such, in most cases, is not a stone of instant results but is instead a partner in one's life.

    The piece pictured below is larger and as such I use it as a hub. I have a smaller single crystal which I carry with me as needed which is constantly linked to the larger hub. The hub holds a place beside my bed at all times allowing it to be in touch with my emotional and spiritual bodies. When needed, when I travel, the remote creates a link to the hub and the two together work constantly to keep certain aspects of myself in balance.

    Chakra: Thrid Eye, Throat, Heart

    Lightning Quartz: Lightning Quartz is Quartz which has been struck by lightning as some point during its growth. These can be identified by unique irregular zigzag markings on the crystal caused by the the heat as well as impact of the lightening strike. At times the strike is concentrated enough to actually chip off part of the crystal. These markings should not be confused with etching on crystals. Encountering a crystal which has been struck by lightning is very rare.

    These crystals are considered grand formations and as such can be used to overcome any form of drastic change or trama which may occur in one's life. It is excellent for people who wish to modify or change thier life's path by supplying energy to cut through or break down barriers. Lightning Quartz is amoung the best stones for instilling "burst" energy into any work one needs to accomplish. This is a crystal for action in the here and now by supplying an energy that is focused and concentrated. This is by no means a subtle energy and care needs to be taken when working with it. Although its uses are limited due to its energies it is one crystal no one should be without. Many search for years before finding one.

    Chakra: All

    Quartz Arrangements and Placements:

    When most people talk about Quartz, or any mineral for that matter, within a metaphysical context in western culture most of the emphysis is placed on working with these tools in a "direct" way at "specific" times. What I would like to touch on here is allowing Quartz, or any mineral, to work with you indirectly or subliminally at all times. This can be broken down into several groups as outlined below.

    Jewelry: Any Quartz which is specifically included into a ring, earring, lecklace, or bracelet to assist in one's life on any level. This is probably the most common method of allowing the Quartz's energy to influence your life on a daily basis. Its simple and straight forward and as such not much needs to be said. One suggestion would be to make the specific piece of jewelry yourself using ritual as you do so to instill into the jewelry the energies you are specifically looking for. If this isnt possible or if the piece you would like is too complicated many people I know have searched out specific cut stones and then taken them to a jeweler to have them mounted into a specific setting which may be enhanced with etching or anything one can possibly imagine. After the jewelry is complete it's always a good idea to cleanse it before wearing it.

    Pocket Crystals: This can be any crystal or combination of crystals one wishes to carry on him/herself at any given time for whatever reason. These are usually small crystals or tumbled Quartz which easily fit into one's pocket. The convinience of this method is ideal for those people who are constantly on the go and the flexibility allows one to change what one carries on a day to day basis depending on what energies one wants accompying them at that particular time.

    Medicine Pouches: In this case one creates a small pouch which may be carried around the neck, around the waste or anywhere on the body. The size and shape will vary depending on the individual. They can be made from any material ranging from cotton to felt to leather. These pouches allow one to easily carry with them what they feel thier body needs for that day, week, month or year(s). Many carry small personal totems, some of which may be Quartz, in thier pouches at all times and then add or take away other items as needed. Items can include anything one feels will help on their path including but not limited to crystals, feathers, bones, stones, and herbs. These truely become one's medicine pouch on several levels of consciousness.

    Staves: I personally have a walking stick which travels with me most of the time when I travel. It is more of a fuctional thing than a spiritual thing as it assists in long hikes in more than one way. I do however incorporate items into it which I collect on my journeys. Some of these items are Quartz. These items are indead added on a spiritual level and are placed there for thier specific metaphysical properties which in most cases reflect nature and enhance my strength, confidence, morality and understanding.

    Individual Formations Around the Home or at Work: This is an area which I dont think we in western society take enough advantage of. Throughout the world people have used Quartz and other materials to enhance one's environ. With Quartz this is as simple as taking a piece of Quartz and placing it in a particular environment to help enhance the energies within that area. Examples would be using a grounding Quartz formation in a room which needs grounding energies. A calming/relaxing Quartz energy in a room needing those energies. A Crystal which promotes teamwork, co-operation and intellectual thinking in your workplace and so on. Crystals and stones have been used in this way for thousands of years around the world and with good reason... they work! The Quartz need not be physically big. The energies they possess just need to be capable of enhancing the environment around them.

    Fountains: Fountains which contain Quartz or are entirely made of Quartz create amazing energies within any environ. The combination of water and Quartz enhance one-another leaving any environment with peaceful grounding energies. Anyone who has ever been in a room with a Quartz fountain in it can attest to this. Although not commonly found for sale they are easy enough to make. Fountain comonents are readily available on the internet as well as most hobby stores.
    Quartz Gardens: I'll be summing up several ideas in this segment. The idea behind a Quartz garden is any arrangement of quartz in a given area. By using different types of Quartz placed in different combinations and in different areas one can effectively enhance the energy patterns of any given area. Formations are only limited to one's imagination and are endless. A few ideas to help you get started would be:

    Gardens: random formations left to the individual arranged mostly for the appearence of the Quartz/stones but taking into account the energy combinations from the individual specimens.

    Spiritual: Arrangements layed out to represent one's spiritual beliefs. This unto itself could be a massive topic but I feel that as with all spirituality its practice should be left to the individual as how to best express it. Here I will just mention some basic arrangements. Cross, Celtic Cross, Fairy Cross, mandela, pentagram, sun. moon, god, goddess, medicine wheel... you get the idea. Quartz or any stone arranged in such personal ways creates unique harmonizing energies which for some enhance the home in ways nothing else can.

    Environmental: These would be arrangements layed out with the environment in mind to bring that energy into your environ. These arrangements can help bring nature's energies into your home. They should never be underestimated. It is a very simple way for one to never loose touch with nature's energies which most of humanity is in danger of doing more times than not.

    Quartz Alters: Like the Quartz garden idea this one as well is a very personal endevour. As such I will only say that using Quartz as your alter or part of your alter enhances all spiritual/ritual work.

    Arranging Quartz really is a personal thing and could be a book in itself. As said above however, with it being so personal it is much better to leave it to the individual's imagination than give exacting directions for creation of a "grand formation". These arrangements, like Native American medicine wheels, should be felt to the individual (tribe) to create. No one individual holds another's truths and as such I leave this aspect of Quartz to your inner self. I encourage you to create your own "garden" in a way that speaks to you. If you do this you cannot go wrong.

    There is much more to be said on this topic of indirect use of Quartz. I will probably add to it as I think more about it

    Tangerine Quartz: This Quartz gets its name from its orange color which comes from a light covering of Hematite. The Hematite covers the surface of the Quartz only and because of this it falls into the catagory of Aura Quartz.

    This is a crystal for the second chakra and as such helps to maintain a healthy yin-yang balance as well as helping to resolve control issues and express creativity. It may enhance one's strength and balance emotions which in turn may help one through trying or stressful times.Tangerine Quartz can enhance evolution of the inner self. It can be helpful for issues concerning reproductive system disorders, lower back pains, weight loss and AIDS.

    Chakra: All

    Originally it was coming out of Brazil.. then they found some in Madagascar and now I'm seeing some coming out of Arkansas as well as Africa. Iron Oxides, in this case hematite, are not that rare world wide so I would imagine these crystals can be found in lots of areas.

    Also, the suggestion/lore about the river turning it this color makes sense seeing that iron-oxides are carried regularly in water as are many other minerals. Iron-oxides however tend to latch on to other objects more easily than most other minerals.

    As people define tangerine quartz more and more it seems that it is no longer limited to a hematite coating on a crystal but has now grown to include other iron-oxides. I know hematite specifically requires just a very light coating to give the orange color whereas other oxides need a thicker coating to give an orange coloration. Brazilian tangerine quartz as well as madagascar tangerine quartz both are light coverings of hematite. I know the stuff coming out of arkansas is a combination of oxides one of which being hematite. The african stuff I am not too sure about but I'm sure hematite is involved in it to some extent.
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    Avalonite is another newly discovered stone. This stone is found in the state of Washington,USA.

    It is a form of zoisite and closely related to Thulite. Some of the minerials found in it are feldspar, hornblende, mica, calcium, silica .

    This stone deals with issues with the fear of love. anything that you are afraid of loving this stone will help you overcome it. as well as fear of being wrong or failing in something. Avalonite is useful in calming and aiding meditation and visualization. Also useful in aiding psychic awareness and delving into the mythical past and collective consciousness. It helps with addictions eating problems, alcholism and incest recovery.

    vibrates to a number 9.
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    Re: Wolfsong's Quartz formations & Properties.

    Growth Interference Quartz: Although they are found in several places around the world the ones from Russia are unique and these are the ones I address here. These were created when layers of Calcite grew together with Quartz and as time passed the Calcite melted away leaving deep cuts and shaping the Quartz.

    These are the ultimate crystals for times of transition, transformation and change and help to guide us through these in a positive way. They are also guardian crystals and incredible protectors. This being said they are very powerful and need to be used with care and respect. They are by no means passive and if you don't listen or if you use them incorrectly they will let you know in no subtle way. This is a crystal of introspection. Just as winter is a time for peace and searching within. A time, when one listens, the quiet is so deep one can hear one's own heartbeat. A time which is ripe to search inside and tap into your creativeness this crystal allows us to look within and access these deep meditative states. And just as the seasons change to bring forth new life, awakening from meditation with this crystal awakens a new side of yourself. One ready to adapt to the change ahead.

    These crystals really need to be worked with one on one as they truely are unique individuals and have unique things to teach each of us. Working with them is by no means easy but those willing to commit the time and energy find great rewards.

    Chakra: All

    Star Quartz (Hollandite Included): This is a type of Quartz which comes out of Madagascar.

    It helps us in “reaching for the stars” and reminds us that nothing is out of our reach. It teaches us not to get too hung up on the little things in life and to focus more on the big picture and that no matter what happens it is what was meant to happen. It reminds us that we are connected to the stars and in this way helps us connect to them. We are, after-all, all star stuff!

    Chakra: Crown

    Rutilated Quartz: This form of Quartz is included with fibers of Rutile varying in color from black to silver to gold. The specimen pictured below comes from a unique pocket in Brazil where the specimens were extremely clear and most all contained manifestation crystals as well as can be seen.

    Rutile in Quartz helps to intensify the power of the crystal. It affects both the etheric and astral bodies and helps us in discovering the meaning behind the scenes we encounter during out-of-body experiences. It has been described as “the hair of Venus” and strengthens our love. It can be used for stabilizing relationships and helps with growth in all areas of life. It promotes logic and has a calming effect. Keywords for it include power, uplift, energy, connection, protection, vitality.

    Chakra: Third Eye, Throat, Heart

    Prasem (Prazym) Quartz: There are two types of this quartz, one coming out of Russia and the other coming out of Greece. Both are green but with very distinct properties. Here I will discuss the Russian variety as I have yet to work with the ones coming out of Greece.

    This is a type of Quartz which helps us connect to nature. It shows us how fragile she really is and that we must do everything within our power to help preserve it. It shows us that beauty comes from within and that everything has its place and belongs. It teaches us that the ultimate law is nature’s law. This Quartz allows us to “travel” to and “connect” with threatened areas in nature around the world. It helps us in learning about these areas and teaches us what we can do to help.

    Chakra: Base, Sacral

    Black Quartz: This is different from Morion Quartz (which will be discussed later) in the fact that Black Quartz is totally filled with carbon inclusions making to completely black whereas Morion Quartz is a dark Smokey Quartz which gets its colour from being close to natural radiation deposits (more on this later).

    Black Quartz comes out of Italy and is a stone of connection with the past. It is very useful in regression work as well as for working with and discovering ancestors. It is a stone of transition, protection and strength. It assists one well in underworld travels and helps in bringing one back. A great grounding/anchor stone.

    Chakra: Base

    Candle Quartz (variety 2): This is a second type of candle quartz which has all the properties associated with the first. This form comes out of Hallelujah Junction and is recognized by the dark base and the clear tip giving it the look of a candle flame. See Candle Quartz for properties.

    They do have one differing ability which is to bring light to the darkest of moments in one's life and to help guide one out of this darkness.

    Chakra: All

    Chlorite Quartz: As with all Quartz which is included with other minerals the Quartz amplifies the properties of the included mineral(s). In this case Chlorite is one of the best stones for healing purposes. Used in any way its effects are overwhelmingly positive. It can be used to cleanse both the Aura and the Chakras and is a tremendously powerful calming crystal helping to dissipate anger, hostility and frustration. It fills one with Earth energy.

    Chakra: All

    - - - Updated - - -

    The Quartz specimens which will follow will, for the most part, be more obscure or rarer specimens. Although not much is written about many of them they can be some of the most powerful formations available. What is exciting about this is that for the most part you will be starting with a clean slate which allows you to bond with the stone without any preconceived thoughts. This truely is the best way to approach work with any stone but it is somewhat more difficult with all the written information available to us. I will, for the most part, keep my information to the minimum on these specimens. Enough to hopefully strike an interest while at the same time leaving enough room for you to explore them with an open mind.

    Some specimens mentioned earlier would fall within this category as well such as Lightning Strike Quartz, Black Quartz, Beta Quartz, Girasol Quartz and Prasem Quartz.

    Chocolate Window Quartz: This is a new find out of Guandong, China which first appeared on the market about 2 or 3 years ago and is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful and intricate forms of Quartz. It gets its colour from Hematite and seems to grow in unique layers giving it a many faceted windowed appearance.

    They allow us to see illusions and get to the root of problems. The windows open worlds and times to us that are nearly impossible for us to reach in other ways. They are one of the best, if not the best, journeying crystals and as such must be treated with respect. The layers of growth and regrowth teach us that even if we loose our paths to our dreams, with work, we can regain these paths. These are crystals of transmutation and power. For this reason it may be a good idea, when first working with them, to have a strong grounding stone nearby. DO NOT rush your work with these. They truly are ancient spirits and have a tendency of overwhelming us. Their energies are fast and if not controlled can lead to rapid uncontrollable change so work should progress slowly to ensure a pace you are comfortable with. These are crystals for experienced keepers and should not be taken lightly. It will take time to create a bond but I assure you it will be time well spent. Until you are comfortable with this crystal it is recommended to not keep them in your bedroom while you sleep. Its energies are that powerful.

    A note on this Quartz: Chocolate Window Quartz can be very expensive. One thing to look for to keep the price down is to get a specimen which has not been cleaned.On totally cleaned specimens most of these areas have been cleaned revieling the Quartz below. Although time consuming this is easily done and if you are like me you may want to keep some of these white areas intact to keep some of this character of the crystal. You can get uncleaned specimens for as little as half the price of totally cleaned specimens.

    Chakra: All

    Gwindel Quartz: This is a formation of Quartz which typically forms a stack of crystals which also have a twist to them. They are found mainly in the French and Swiss Alps with some coming out of Russia.

    They hold all the properties of Curved Quartz but also make for great journeying stones. Along with this they are great purifiers and allow us to journey easily to the upper realms. Gwindels from the Alps are some of the clearest and cleanest Quartz you can find. This holds true for regular Quartz from the Alps as well.

    Chakra: All

    Master Healed Quartz: These are crystals which at some time have been completely broken and re-healed.

    These truly are master healers and should be treated as such. If you are lucky enough to encounter one of these your healing abilities will reach a new level. Working with these should not be taken lightly and they should only be used with respect and reverence.

    Chakra: All

    Solution Quartz: This is a relatively obscure form of Quartz which was mined for about 15 years from one location which is now closed, the Jeffrey Quarry located in North Little Rock, Arkansas. What makes this Quartz unique is that literally millions of needle crystals were recovered from pockets of gel-like rectorite-filled vugs in fractured Quartz veins. The vast majority of these crystals are small, water clear and complete floaters.

    Many people who have worked with this quartz consider it to be the most powerful healers available. Once a crystal has been programmed with a holder it is felt that the bond which is formed will grow stronger with each use of the crystal. As this connection grows its healing powers grow as well assisting the mind in overcoming disease. The formation is renowned for its holistic healing.

    Chakra: All

    Cross Quartz: The Solution Quartz pictured below also shows a configuration referred to as Cross Quartz. It assists in the removal of unwanted energies and helps us learn from and appreciate the creative forces of nature. It is an excellent stone for those studying spirituality, the arts and science.

    Chakra: Crown, Third Eye
    This really is a unique and special formation.. not only for its rareness but also for its beauty and usefulness.

    Fluorite Included Quartz: These crystals come from Miandrivazo, Fianarantsoa Province, Madagascar and were found in 2004. They first appeared for sale in Tucson in 2005. To date it has been a one time find with no more being found since. The Fluorites are blue/purple with mostly an octahedral habit some showing cubic modifications. The crystals themselves are mostly cloudy which makes the Fluorite hard to see at times. . For this reason specimens can be found which are polished which truly show the Fluorite in an incredible light. I prefer working with the natural specimens however. The picture below includes three closeups of the Fluorite inclusions.

    This Quartz holds all the properties of Fluorite and Quartz combined. It represents mental achievement and helps facilitate exploration. It helps one concentrate and helps one see past illusions or deceptions. It brings order to chaos and encourages ideal health as well as emotional and intellectual well-being. It helps with soul retrieval work as well as out-of-body work. It becomes a partner for your spiritual journey and helps in keeping you on the path through meditations.

    Chakra: Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart

    Tessin or Tessiner Habit Quartz: Tessin habit resembles a kind of merlin tip but without true faces. All the sides come together in a common termination but the sides and faces blend together imperceptibly giving the appearance of one continuous angle from base to tip. They were originally found in Tessin Switzerland hence the name. Now one can find them coming from all over the world but very nice ones showing interesting castling and some uncommon coatings come out of Romania. The one pictured below is from Switzerland and shows the classic shape.

    These crystals make great keys and can be used to unlock most anything. Often it is the imprints of other times and other crystals which are discovered as well as things hidden deep within the spirit. This being the case they make fantastic journeying crystals. The smokey variety assist in grounding along the way and also supply an anchor for the return journey thus making them a valuable all-around tool for journeying. They assist in delving into all mysteries and opening the doors to find answers to these mysteries.

    Chakra: All

    Ajoite Quartz: Ajoite is one of the rarest minerals to be found on earth. It is mostly found associated with massive Quartz and rarely found included in Quartz Crystals. It is found in very few locations worldwide and included crystals come only from Messina, South Africa.

    Ajoite Quartz produces a melding between the heart and throat charkas which allows us to speak from the heart. It brings peace and joy to our surroundings, circumstances and environment. It brings peace to one’s self regardless of circumstances or surroundings both on body and in mind. It stimulates acceptance and understanding and enhances creativity and communication. Ajoite Quartz can be used to eliminate hostility, anger, prejudice and jealousy. It is really quite difficult to remain hostile when in the presence of this Quartz. It symbolizes the awareness of everything and represents the purity of not only the earth and everything on it but also everything within the universe. This quartz should not need cleansing and can be used to cleanse other stones.

    A note on these crystals: Unfortunately, due to the rarity of this mineral, these crystals are outrageously expensive. The Crystal shown has three very small inclusions which are hard to make out in the picture. It normally shows as a blueish green cloud. Crystals with larger inclusions which are easy to see run into the thousands of dollars for specimens a few inches in size.

    Chakra: All

    Journeying Quartz: This type of quartz shows many glyphs on one or all of its faces, especially the main face, which comprise many patterns including but not limited to landscapes, animals, trees, plants, etc.

    These crystals were used by Native Americans in North, Central and South America for journeying when seeking answers to life questions both for the individual as well as for the community. This was by no means a universal practice amoung Native American tribes but it was practiced by enough to find its way throughout the Americas. This truly is a Shamanic Crystal.

    A note on this formation: Some of the nicest and most intricate specimens come out of the Mt. Ida area of Arkansas. The one below is a good example from this locale. The main face shown in this crystal shows wonderful cloudy mountainous patterns not all of which can be seen.

    Chakra: Third Eye

    Himalayan Golden Enhydro Quartz: These truly are unique crystals which get their name from the golden liquid they contain. This liquid is actually a form of oil which was trapped within the crystals hundreds of thousands if not millions of years ago. The crystals themselves have a Herkimer shape and come from the Indian side of the Himalayas.

    These crystals are as unique as they are rare. The high vibration of their energies can be utilized to help clear, heal and help perfect our emotional bodies. They contain a sustaining energy which helps us overcome stressful situations and also help in clearing our consciousness of fears. It is clear, even in mainstream medicine, that emotional health is inseparable from physical health. This Quartz directly affects our emotional bodies to help clean and heal our physical bodies and as such becomes a very valuable healer. The golden yellow color represents purity and perfection. It also links these crystals to the solar plexus chakra and as such helps to open and active it. Its energies help to smooth extreme energies to make them more manageable and helps in smooth transitions. It encourages spirituality. These crystals are ancient energy keepers and as such help us in gaining wisdom. This is another crystal which rarely, if ever, needs cleansing.

    A note on this crystal: These crystals are extremely rare coming from just a few locations. As such they tend to be expensive. If you are interested in coming across one of these specimens I would suggest that when you find one you buy it as long as the price is reasonable. They are not readily available and are not seen for sale often.

    Chakra: All

    Morion Quartz: Morion Quartz is a dark to black form of Quartz found in several places around the world. What distinguishes it from Black Quartz is that instead of having carbon inclusions it gets its dark color from natural radiation deposits. Through the ages the radiation darkens them but they are not radioactive at all.

    These crystals took large doses of radiation over the years and transmuted it into a protective color. For this reason they are stones of transmutation, protection and grounding. They aid in healing in a unique way. Many of us after a prolonged or severe illness think we will never be as healthy as we were before we were afflicted with it. This stone teaches us that not only can we overcome the illness but we can be stronger and healthier after if we learn from it. This is one of the best stones to carry with you through a healing process. Some consider this to also be a warrior stone. Its energies can be daunting to start but as one learns from it it becomes a valued companion on ones journeys throughout life.

    Chakra: Base

    Super Seven Stone: Also known as Melody’s Stone this type of Quartz is found only in Minas Gerais, Brazil. What makes this stone unique is that it contains the energies of seven formations, Amethyst, Smokey Quartz, Clear Quartz, Rutile, Goethite, Lepidochrosite, and Cacoxenite. Each stone does not need to contain all seven formations but the stones which do are extra special. You can find these mostly as tumbled or cut stones. Natural masses as well as crystals are available with good crystals being the rarest as many show minor damage. The crystal below contains all seven.

    Much has been written about this type of Quartz. Along with containing the energies of all seven formations it is excellent for enhancing all types of psychic abilities. It is also a stone which retains its energy and clarity and never needs cleansing. Super Seven works well in healing both the mind and the body of any diseases and is capable of balancing and energizing all charkas. It is a stone for healing the Earth and allows you to see intellectual and spiritual truths while increasing self-awareness and understanding. On a personal note I find this stone to have a cornucopia effect. It reminds us that, no matter what, our lives are full of riches. It helps us recognize these and teaches us to use these for the utmost fulfillment of our lives. It also teaches us that we are all unique individuals and in our own ways can contribute much to not only make our lives better but also the world around us. Melody’s Stone teaches us that although we do not possess everything not everything is needed to live a fulfilling and happy life.

    A note on these crystals: This stone has recieved a lot of "hype" within the metaphysical community. I was surprised when working with it that most of the connections made by others were not made by me. My learnings from this stone involved what I wrote about the cornucopia effect and everything after that point. Working with this stone will not be for everyone but if you are drawn to it keep an open mind and try not to carry too many impressions about this stone from others into the work. You may be pleasently surprised.

    Chakra: All
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    Re: Wolfsong's Quartz formations & Properties.

    Drusy Quartz: Although many associate Drusy Quartz with Spirit Quartz I truly feel this is “limiting” this form of Quartz so as such I think it deserves its own place. Drusy Quartz is classified as any mineral formation which is covered by hundreds if not thousands of tiny Quartz Crystals. This includes Quartz Crystals covered with other Quartz as in Spirit Quartz but it is not limited to this. Drusy Quartz can cover almost any mineral and as such it incorporates these energies into its own.

    These can be some of the most beautiful pieces of Quartz one can find and work with. Along with harmonizing the other mineral’s energies with its own it is also very helpful in energizing the Aura and promoting creativity. It promotes teamwork by making one realize that many can accomplish more than the individual. It teaches us perspective, not only our own but also to be tolerant of others even though we do not agree. And it teaches us that in any healthy relationship it is better to harmonize and work with each individual’s strengths to create a greater whole rather than one trying to smother or control the other.

    Chakra: Crown, Third Eye, Heart

    Dendritic Quartz: This type of Quartz shows “plant-like” mineral growths within the Quartz. Although most often found in mass quartz which is then cut and polished for resale sometimes it can be found within Crystal formations. In either case it is still relatively rare. The specimen pictured below also contains several scepters one of which can be seen towards the lower right edge of the picture.

    Dendritic Quartz facilitates closeness with nature and a connection to the Earth. As such it can be used in all Earth workings and is an excellent stone to bring Earth energies into your environs, both home and work. In both cases it instills a sense of easy and comfort. This can, at times, be the perfect remedy for work tensions when freedom of mind is needed to find solutions. It can help bring awareness to Earth issues and help us remember the fragile beauty nature holds. Dendritic Quartz can also help in “planetary” regression work to help us see and understand different times of the Earth throughout its history and from its perspective.

    Chakra: Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral

    Garnets on Quartz: This is a relatively new find out of China. This Quartz is sometimes referred to as "The Stone of Commitment & Devotion". It is known to stimulate both the crown and base chakras thus helping to supply or initiate a free flow of energy throughout the entire body. It transmutes and/or desolves negative energies into possitive energies and promotes mental, physical and emotional stability. Along with this it also helps in enhansing the imagination and creativity, clearing emotional blockages, and setting and achieving goals. Even though these are crystal formations they can be used to both direct energies in a specific direction as well as radiate those same energies in all directions.

    The specimen pictured below is unique in the fact that the quartz is clear. 99% of the specimens one finds these days are dark smokey in color with very few being lighter smokey and next to none being nearly clear.

    Chakra: All

    Sheet Quartz: This type of Quartz is very similar to Tabby Crystals but it is much thinner which gives it the appearence of a sheet of glass. This formation is definately not common. In all the years I have been working with Quartz I have come across 4 pieces including the one pictured below. It is actually much clearer than the picture shows.

    Some consider Sheet Quartz to be the ultimate natural scrying object saying it acts as a window into different worlds. Also used as a regression tool it allows us to access different times. Sheet Quartz is considered a protective crystal acting as a shield to ward off and reflect negativity. This is done in an active way by sending the negativity back to its source so this is by no means a passive crystal. For this reason some care should be taken while working with it. As a grounding crystal it allows us a secure base from which to work and from which to initiate life goals or any other projects. When one feels oneself starting to "stray" off course of our goals or paths this Crystal allows us to regain a firm foothold on the path reminding us of our original goals and objectives. In this way it becomes a great "foundation stone".

    Chakra: Third Eye
    Ametrine: Ametrine is the name given to Quartz which contains both Amethyst as well as Citrine. Although it does occur naturally much of what is on the market is manmade. Natural occurrences of this material are rare and finding it on the market is rarer yet. Pictured below is a natural specimen from Brazil.

    Ametrine possesses all the properties associated with both Amethyst as well as Citrine. Along with this it aids in meditation, relieves tension, disperses negativity and helps to eliminate prejudice. It brings serenity, strength and mental stability and provides balance between all emotional states as well as states of being. It helps in accepting physical change and helps repair DNA/RNA. It is a very quick acting stone making it ideal for healing work, especially when working on self esteem issues.

    Chakra: All

    Red Quartz: This is a fairly common type of Quartz which gets its color, in most cases, from Hematite inclusions or coatings. Being found in many locales also means that properties vary slightly between finds. Look as well varies greatly based on if the Crystal is coated or included as well as the amount of Hematite present and the locale it was found. Below I will discuss Red Quartz which comes from the Orange River in South Africa. This is one of the more common types and seems to share many properties with other Red Quartz from different locations.

    Red Quartz combines the properties of Quartz and Hematite. It can be used to stimulate the first three charkas and to combine these energies. At the same time this Quartz helps ground you and helps one in accepting one’s life path. It helps one think more clearly to make better decisions by reaching a state of emotional clarity. It also helps in self-realization and acceptance. Red Quartz allows one to dissolve and transform negativity into positive energies.

    Chakra: Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, Base

    Smokey Amethyst: Found mainly in Brandberg Namibia this is a fairly rare type of Quartz. The Brandberg mountain range is the highest in Namibia and is considered a mystical place. All Quartz from this region holds unique properties but here we will limit our discussion to Smokey Amethyst. Unfortunately, due to demand, the price of Quartz from this location has skyrocketed over the last few years.

    Smokey Amethyst Crystals contain all the properties of both Amethyst and Smokey Quartz. Along with this these make great meditation stones allowing one to reach deeper realms while remaining grounded. They can be used for scrying and astral travel work. This is a stone for emotional healing on all levels and allows one to reach and maintain a centered and well balanced life. It is a stone for searching out inner mysteries and helping one find spirit guides of all kinds. These crystals tend to take a while to reveal their secrets but the effort is well worth it.

    Chakra: All

    Shocked Quartz: This is extremely rare and hard to come by. Shocked Quartz is a form of Quartz that has a microscopic structure that is different from normal quartz. Under intense pressure (but limited temperature), the crystalline structure of quartz will be deformed along planes inside the crystal. These planes, which show up as lines under a microscope, are called planar deformation features (PDFs), or shock lamellae. Shocked Quartz is associated with two high pressure polymorphs of Silicon Dioxide: Coesite and Stishovite. These polymorphs have a different crystal structure than standard quartz. The pressures and temperatures required to create Shocked Quartz can only be reached by two known processes. The first is through a nuclear blast and the second is through an Earth impact. Volcanic forces are not great enough to create Shocked Quartz. The specimen below is known as Wabar Glass, a form of Impactite (See thread on Impactites/Tektites for more information on this material). The white area within the box is Coesite (Shocked Quartz) and is also sometimes referred to as insta-rock due to the suddeness of the creation process. This specimen is extremely small with the insta-rock portion being no more than 1mm in size. (On a side note… this is one of my favorite types of impactites. It reminds me of the alien nest site and the surrounding tunnels from the movie Aliens.)

    To my knowledge Shocked Quartz has never been discussed within the metaphysical community. It is a stone of transformation and as such is helpful for anyone undergoing magor life changes. It teaches us that metamorphosis is a part of life and although we are never sure of the outcome life continues. It is a stone of death and rebirth. It teaches us to accept change and accept different things and people by showing us most of what we fear is due to ignorance and with knowledge this fear quickly fades away. It teaches us to open ourselves to change and to not become stagnant. Anyone undergoing a magor life change of any type would find comfort in having a piece of Shocked Quartz within their surroundings. Even the most drastic of changes seem to come about more smoothly when this material is present. Using it in meditation during trying times allows one to keep stress to a minimum.

    Chakra: All

    Several people have asked me about Kundalini Quartz. Just to clarify, this is the name given by some to Natural Citrine from the Congo. With this in mind I have updated Citrine to include the information on Kundalini Quartz. (see Citrine on this thread) The piece pictured in that post is a piece from the Congo.

    Firefly Quartz: This is the name given buy some to a new find of Quartz out of Brazil. They contain sheets of Brookite with radiating plaits of silver Rutile coming off them. If one looks closely one can see flecks of red Mica floating within the Crystals hence the name “Firefly Quartz”.

    Brookite plays a huge factor in activating the higher Chakras. Many times when handling these Crystals you will feel a surge of energy that starts at your toes and continues up through the top of your head. Add to this the Rutile “antennas” and these Crystals become powerful communicators with other dimensions, realities and beings. They are useful in creating higher levels of consciousness and spiritual awareness. The Mica inclusions permit a level of introspection you have probably never achieved and the colors clearly link you to Earth and its many variations of life and the interconnectedness between it all.

    The picture below has two insets/closeups of the cluster. The upper shows the "Fireflies" as well as a Brookite sheet with radiating Rutile. The lower inset shows a thin stem of Rutile with radiating silver Rutile. The pictures do not do justice to this piece.

    Chakra: Crown, Third Eye, Heart

    Starbrary (Etched) Quartz:

    NOTE: Let me say at the outset that although working with several of these for some time I have been unable to access the information others so readily do. I’ve come to the conclusion that these Crystals are not right for me at this time. That being said a few friends of mine have helped in putting together the following information for me to share here with you. They all say these are powerful helpers for anyone gaining access to them and all praise their abilities and the information they contain.

    Starbraries are recognized by the presence of glyph-like markings which resemble symbols and geometric markings as well as usually containing a doorway or a key. Many crystals contain these markings but identifying and grouping them can, at times, be difficult. Starbraries are divided into six categories each of which represents a different group of star people. Following are descriptions of the six different Crystal formations and how to identify them.

    The most sought after of the six are the maps, histories and legends of the people of the Cassiopeia system. These are identified by flowing lines and symbols along the sides of the Crystals. While they often have key markings this is not always the case. When picking one make sure it feels comfortable in your hands in several differing positions as this will facilitate the opening of different layers of information. These tend to be the most detailed of the six and contain huge amounts of information.

    The second type of Starbrary features geometric symbols such as triangles, squares, circles and more along the sides which often also show profound keys. These Crystals contain the accumulated information pertaining to peoples from the Pleiades.

    These first two types are the most important and are the basis for most of the information surrounding the Lemurian and Altantean Crystal recollections.

    The third type show more linear patterns similar to a combination of the first two types. These records come from the people of the Leo star system. Most of the information contained within these refers to historical names, dates, weather, events and so on. They contain more factual information rather than the philosophical information contained within the first two types.

    The forth type shows series of indented triangles and dashes. These are often referred to as “Cosmic Crystals” and at times they resemble meteor showers. They are read by their dots and dashes and contain information from the people from a system in Ursa Minor (the little dipper). It is thought these codes were used throughout Atlantis during their civilization.

    Number five on the list are Crystals which contain Titanium containing deep glyphs, furrows and ridges in the faces of the Crystal rather than the sides. It is the only Starbrary which contains markings on the faces rather than the sides. The information contained within them comes to us from the Orion system and of all Starbraries these, most of the time, need companions to help access them (more on companions later). Their information is very intricate and detailed which requires the use of companions to help in making them understandable. It is said these Crystals were very important to Native American cultures.

    Lastly we have a slightly different type. These are almost always doubly terminated or extra-terrestrial (multiple terminations on one side) Crystals. They also always contain keys. The most important thing about these is that their sides appear layered in a similar fashion to Lightbraries but with no raised face termination. These bring to us information from the people of Andromeda and seem to have connections to the Crystals containing information from Cassiopeia and the Pleiades.

    Other Crystals are now being discovered from different systems. One individual I know is presently working with a Crystal thought to contain information from the people of Sirius.

    There are also Starbraries which are referred to as “Master Starbraries”. These contain aspects of all Starbraries and can be used either as companions to help with other Starbraries, on their own to access the information contained within them or lastly, with a companion of its own to help access its information. The one pictured below is a Master and the inset pictures show some of his many glyph variations.

    Companions are stones (not necessarily Quartz or even a Crystal) which help someone access the information contained within Starbraries. There are many ways to use Companions which just a few mentioned here. Some put the Starbrary in one hand and the companion in the other allowing information from both to come together which the companion helps to decode. Others hold the companion in their receptive hand and with their projective hand hold the companion to their third eye allowing the companion to translate and send the information directly there. It really comes down to what the individual is compelled to do and what works best for them. Some find no need for a companion for most Starbraries but almost everyone agrees they make the translation process a lot easier. The companion pictured below as actually a Lightning-strike Spiral Quartz Crystal which itself shows some Starbrary glyphs.

    Lightbraries are essential tools for anyone interested in contact with star people and in studying information they are willing to share with us. As such they will not be for everyone but for those interested in this form of information these are a must have item. As mentioned above they can also help greatly in decoding information from both Atlantean and Lemurian civilizations. Considered by many to be some of the most complicated Crystals to work with and decode it is also felt that the hard work put in is well worth the information gained.

    The left picture is of a Master Starbrary (the insets show some of its glyphs) and the right picture is of its companion.

    Chakra: Crown, Third Eye
    Kullu Rose Quartz: This is a new find of Rose Quartz which comes from the Kullu Pass in Northern India, the gateway to the Himalayas. It gets its color from Hematite (just like Brazilian Rose Quartz) and not from Titanium as true Rose Quartz does. Although not growing as Crystals each piece is intricately structured in an elestial form. They are ridged, etched and pocked. They are in actuality growth interference and not elestials and most are loaded with trigonic record keepers.

    Brazilian Rose Quartz and Kullu Rose Quartz have many similarities and both are considered to be exceedingly special formations. These stones are ideal for opening the heart to angelic realms like no other Crystal can. The trigonic record keepers help deal with life and death issues coming into full understanding of the continuum of All That Is. Linking these two concepts makes these stones ideal for working with life and death issues through direct and open contact with angelic realms in a way that only they can facilitate. They help share with us the lessons of Trinity – body, mind and spirit; child, adult and elder; birth, life and death. Taking all this into account these are considered to be Master Teachers.

    Chakra: All

    Totem Crystals: These are Crystals which contain natural etchings or glyphs which resemble natural objects in Nature. The Crystal below is a Tabby Lemurian from Brazil (a rare configuration to start with) which has a glyph resembling a landing Phoenix or bird.

    These Crystals can become Totems which can assist you in the same ways as Totem animals can. These are very powerful stones which much to teach those willing to open themselves to them. They are great companions for journeying into all realms including on physical journeys. To learn more about them spend some time studying the use of Totems throughout different cultures around the world.

    Chakra: Third Eye, Base

    Chevron Amethyst: Chevron Amethyst is a particular combination of layered or banded Amethyst with layers usually composed of Amethyst and clear or white Quartz. It may at times be layered with other minerals. It is important to keep in mind that much of what is sold as tumbled Amethyst these days is in actuality Chevron Amethyst.

    This is a combination which combines the strengthening and enhancing properties of Quartz with the stress relieving qualities of Amethyst which in turn enhances peace of mind, relaxation and self-discovery. It alleviates addictive tendencies and helps one become more self-aware. It assists with self-evaluation and personal evolution especially in regards to spiritual healing. If one feels burdened down with negativity Chevron Amethyst does a wonderful job of dispelling such energies. The layers remind one that all growth or evolution involves steps and seldom does true and lasting growth happen in one leap.

    Chakra: Third Eye
    Do Not Meddle In The Affairs Of Dragons, For You Are Crunchy And Good With Kethup.

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