Black salt.


I just bought some awhile back. half of it spilled on the floor. got somewhat lucky right afterwards. then later on I was having problems in local stores that had a lot of negativity where i was very close to being thrown out or banished from there.

In general for magical purposes it is used for protection and banishing spells.

Since it is used in cooking, although I wouldn't recommend to cook with the ones that came from an occult shop(unless they say it's safe for doing so). one of the few minerals that you could eat. usually a lot of black salt from occult shops are regular salt dyed black or it is covered with sort or dirt.

i tasted some of it, only a few grams. Had a weird sensation. That was about a week ago. no other side effects. it did taste like regular salt. Don`t know if this was the dyed varation of it.

there is pinkish gray variety that is mined in India and has a strong sulfuric flavor. A few vegans will use this type to mimic the flavor of eggs. In India this type of black salt is called
kala namak or sanchal.

There are two areas where natural black salt is mined that I know of. One is in the mediterranean which is a charcoal black one. The other is Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt or lava salt. This one is a darker glossy black. both sell these variations just slightly more than the black salt in a lot of occult stores.

Bluestone aka preseli stone


ok , one of the more famous ancient pagan sites,Stonehenge is partially made from this stone. Actually the inner rings are made of it. the outter rings are from a different minerial.

Preseli sometimes called Prescelli- and believe it or not it is also called Elvis stone as it's name is similar to Evlis's surname.

one area where it comes from is Pembrokeshire in Wales in the National Park, and comes from one mountain there. even though quarry it is quite large , it's from one mountain. and can only be mined with a licence.

Bluestone is the common name for spotted dolerite, an igneous rock that looks blue when broken and is spotted with small spots of feldspar and other minerals It is mainly made up of Augite and Feldspar.though can often also contain molten pyrites
The stone has good healing qualities and tremendous power.

A quote from the conservation documents in Britiain:-
"The Preseli Hills or Preseli Mountains (Welsh: Mynydd Y Preseli / Y Preselau) are a range of hills in north Pembrokeshire, West Wales. They form part of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.
The hills rise to 536 metres above sea level at Foel Cwmcerwyn and are dotted with prehistoric remains including evidence of Neolithic settlement. Bluestone from the hills at Carn Menyn, sometimes called Carn Meini, were used to build the inner circle of Stonehenge.The Preseli Mountains are the only known place in Great Britain where bluestone is found."

Maw Sit sit


This is a form of jadite. very rare.

purple turquoise


well there is a rare form of lavendar turquoise. i know nothing more of it. and sometimes some turqouise are dyed from either regular turquoise or reconstituted turquoise.

also bear in mind that sugilite is often called purple turquoise. so because of the change in color it might have those qualities. as howlite dyed blue which is sometimes sold as turquoise does in fact gain some qualities of turquoise.



Sold as "the world's oldest gemstone".this quartzite is dated to 3.8 billion years ago. Its green color comes from a large amount of fushsite evenly distributed throughout it. although some have a bluish tint to it.

This is a stone of the earth and of tranqulity.

Nuumerite is another stone found almost to be as old as this one. but this is the oldest stone found.

Agate:general info


ok first up agate are a Chalcedony or in scientific terms SiO2, which is Silicone Dioxide. there are a lot of them. and new ones are constantly being discovered . to make it even more confusing, some types will have more than one name for marketing value.

in general they were used in spells for martian aspects, longevity,and various healings. used in protective spells and malicious spirits and spell casters.

Cherry Quartz


Cherry Quartz is a man made stone. sometimes it goes by the name of strawberry obsidian. It was mainly created as a cheap alternative to the rare strawberry quartz.

the followong info was given permission from

The Meaning of Cherry Quartz

Chakra: All


Healing benefits will be felt for joint pain and swelling as the properties of the copper will be felt as well as the quartz.

Quartz is a master healer, it suits all Chakra, Clear Quartz amplifies and stores energy, and will amplify the benefits from stones used with it. It is excellent for healing massage and meditation.


Enhances psychic experiences and is excellent for scrying as with a crystal sphere.
as with all scrying, not all people will beneifit from any particular stone. although this one is a good one.

It is excellent for healing and meditation. Enhances psychic experiences and is excellent for scrying as with a crystal sphere.

Cherry Quartz is made by melting powdered Quartz and mixing copper oxide with the quartz to give different visual effects.

i know they sold as oblelisks, tumbled stones and i believe beads. the beads you could probably get at most online bead stores which sell gemstones