I wouldn't ordinarily give this a thought because usually I think of dreams only as "OK, what did I eat or watch on tv before bed?". The second instance, last night wasn't really a dream but let's call it that for discussion sake. Every now and then I have a dream in which I'm fighting something or someone. I usually forget what it is about. These weren't all that clear either, but a little more so than usual.

Wednesday night I had a dream that I was in some kind of defensive situation, that is, I and whoever else I was with (that was unclear), were fighting off or repelling some enemy. When all was said and done, we held off this "enemy", set up a good defense and even captured "it". All I can describe it as is something that resembled Gollum from the LotR movies, but... in the pen we held it in, it began to disintegrate into red clay, vaguely in this roughly humanoid shape. Yet we (and I'd love to know who my comrade was) were still concerned it would give us trouble. I remember thinking it was only a dream and I ended it. That happens a lot in my dreams... I call it quits.

The second one was a little more odd, actually scary. I woke up with a feeling of fear. I was not paralyzed, and I did not see anything, but I felt a dread, sort of a presence that was drifting around. I tried to remain awake to keep an eye on things, as it were. I even considered getting up. This had to be about 3 something this morning. It finally stopped when I thought to myself "hey, the dogs are here and are not barking or being disturbed, so it must be nothing". During that time I was thinking that whatever it was I was going to handle it and kick its ass. Though I'm glad I didn't have to put that to the test.

I think the first dream was just a whacked out dream, but last night's really bothered me at the time it was happening. Because I'm always fighting something in my dreams, it could be because I always say I have internal demons and dragons I fight and try to keep chained and penned up. Maybe it's nothing more than this, but like I said, last night's really creeped me out, mainly because I was awake with this feeling of fear, more of anticipating of having to really fight something.

Btw, I'm not sure if this is the right area to put this in, so if staff wants to move it I'm cool with it.